New: Horror My Friend-Kaleidoscope

The guaranteed first thing to hit you about Horror My Friend is their earnest nature, and overwhelming urgency. It hits you like the fact that Michael Bay will never make a movie without explosions and terribleness.

‘Kaleidoscope’ sees Horror My Friend in top form, at their cymbal crashing, guitar thrashing, howling chorus best. They are starting to move away from their reliance on bands like Japandroids and Die!Die!Die!, and form their own addictive brand of noisy rock. Plus, there’s a ginger in the band, and that always helps. YAY! Fellow brethren!



‘Strayan Video(s) Pt. 2: Drunk Mums + Wet Blankets + Horror My Friend + Thee Hugs + Doctopus

Part two in the epic saga of Australian videos that are better than intergalactic space orgies with mulleted, green-skinned she-beasts. That’s right, prepare your internal organs for a ravaging of amazing that you have yet to experience.

Drunk Mums-Plastic

Fun story about Drunk Mums-They were the first pub show I went and saw as a bonafide eighteen year old. I had a bunch of tequila before and ended up getting through about four songs before my innards excused themselves from my stomach. It’s cool, I saw them a couple weeks back, and they were rad. Anyway, they’ve just released a new track/video entitled ‘Plastic’. Personally, I reckon it’s about plastic, fake people and how they’re all a bunch of wankers, but really, who cares about my opinion. Y’all just wanna hear a song that blows your gonads off. Well, you’re in luck, as ‘Plastic’ is one of the most unhinged and slack-jawed tracks that Drunk Mums have released. AND THE VIDEO! Fuck, how many iPhones did Drunk Mums have to order off the Internet to get that much bubble wrap? They must have a really supportive record company.

Wet Blankets-Deighter Caught My Bus

Short form review-Wet Blankets are a punk band prepared to rock your cock off. They play loud, fast and their only motivation is to bring down interplanetary species from the farthest reaches of the galaxy to check out what kind of abnormal screech fest could be creating such a ruckus. Really, it’s a beautiful thing. This is their clip for a new track called ‘Deighter Caught My Bus’. Good fucking luck deciphering the words. Just enjoy the maelstrom, fake Chopper mo’s and flannels.

Horror My Friend-Nothing

If ever there were a clip that I could relate to on a personal level, it’d be the new one from Horror My Friend. A plump ginger dude sits in a chair in the middle of a raging party, drinking beer, smoking and making no eye contact in case he would be forced into a conversation. As the Future of the Left-meets-Die! Die! Die! sounds plummet into awesome territory, the clip becomes more and more sad. Somebody talk to the lonely soul! He looks like he’s about to shoot everyone. Alas, Horror My Friend are painful realists, and our protagonist continues down his morbid path of loneliness, despite being in the prescence of one of Radelaide’s top five bands, and  a roaring house party. Shit, that’s sad.

Thee Hugs-Bashar Al-Assad

Now, because watching that video from Horror My Friend has caused my body to be drained of all fluids via the incredible amount of crying that occured, its time to get into some freaky-deaky shit courtesy of Brissy’s Thee Hugs. This is their first single since their 2013 debut ‘Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse’, and by the sound of the new single, it looks like Thee Hugs have stayed true to their mantra. The song is like an unofficial spiritual take on The Clash’s ‘Rock the Casbah’, only instead of reggae punk with a nice looking Joe Strummer, you’ve got ragged, dishevelled and dwonright scummy punks from Brisbane taking the reigns and showing Yung Strum just how it’s done.


Prepare your anal cavities for one of the cutest video clips paired with a nail-biting garage rocker that’ll guaranteed make you want to tear out your tongue and strangle all the squares out there. Seriously, the recklessness of Doctopus on record is akin to going line for line with Ozzy Osborne circa 1975. Take that image, wrestle it down with a chorus of ‘I wanna live under water’ and then chuck a bunch of adorable as fuck seals in there, and you’ve got yourself the video for the new single from Doctopus. Radness perfected.

New Australian Music: The Preatures + POND + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard + Pirates Alive + Horror My Friend

In celebration of ‘Straya Day, where everyone in the nation gets drunk and berates the Hottest 100, I compiled a bunch of awesome new tracks by some of this nation’s finest. And then I delayed the shit out of posting it. ‘STRAYA!

The Preatures-Better Than It Ever Could Be

In my own opinion, The Preatures released the best pop song of last year, with their single ‘Is This How You Feel?’ coming in at #9 on the Hottest 100. That’s just one of the many accolades that particular song has received, but because they are by no means a one hit wonder, The Preatures have gone ahead and released another song entitled ‘Better Than It Ever Could Be’.

I feel like this is kind of a reaction to the band’s year in 2013. It was basically the best year a blossoming young band could hope for. And to celebrate, they penned a song that showcases what they do best: a shimmering, loud and happy pop track. It reminds you of a Cocoa Cola advert done by Blondie or something. A giant bottle of coke explodes like a volcano, and Debbie Harry rocks sunglasses and the sun shines, and everyone is impossibly happy. Because ‘Better Than It Ever Could Be’ brings that image to mind, it gets a 10/10.

POND-Colouring the Streets

Motherfucking POND. Is there any other band quite like them. The short answer is no, because they are a shapeshifting group of wizard musicians, and you’d be a fool to fuck with whatever powerful elixir pumps through their veins.

Even though they released a record last year, the jizz-inducing ‘Hobo Rocket’, they’ve released a brand new track for a compilation, the song being ‘Colouring the Streets’. This track tends towards the softer psych side of POND, the Slowdive-counterpart to the balls out Bowie that the band are more well-known for.

Don’t worry, the reverb drenches this bad boy like a squirting porn star, and the jizz-levels are still at an all-time high. So, really, there’s nothing more but to let yourself drop into that coma in the only way a band like POND can.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard-Vegemite

How fucking ‘Strayan is this!? It’s a song that’s chorus goes ‘I liiiiiiiikkkkeeeeee Vege-miiiiiite!’ over a thunderous, psychedelic platter of instruments. And its executed by one of the finest bands this side of Sabbath.

That’s right, the eight-piece monolith King Jizz are at it again, having announced a new record and pushing ‘Vegemite’ into the world to be the first taste of said record.

Despite the ‘Annoying Orange’ set up of the video clip, ‘Vegemite’ rules harder than Uncle Chopper riding a Chopper (motorbike) into a Chopper (helicopter) whilst T-rexes clap politely in the background.

Pirates Alive-Love Drunk

Whilst King Gizz alternate between a whole bunch of styles, Pirates Alive are a go-to garage band for me. If ever I want to hear some back to basics, super-simple surf rock, Pirates Alive are one of my first ports of call. See what I did there? Hueh, hueh, hueh.

Anyway, ‘Love Drunk’ reminds me a fuckload of ScotDrakula, Step-Panther and Dune Rats. There’s  just casual riffing, an emboldened bass line and an Aussie slacker accent tying it together. The chorus of ‘Ah’s is a technique that’s used in pretty much every garage song, but when something remains as fun as it did since the 60’s, why the fuck would you change it?

Basically, ‘Love Drunk’ is the summer garage track that’s missing from your life right now.

Horror My Friend-Nothing

And now, for some spidery but striding post-punk from Radelaide. Horror My Friend sound a bit like Die! Die! Die!, which is another way of saying they sound absolutely fucking rad.  It’s also a little bit back-in-the-day emo, circa Taking Back Sunday, without all the cutting yourself imagery.

Their new single ‘Nothing’ combines toe-tapping high-hats with a sludgy bass and climbing guitar riffs. And then that chorus hits, and you have an intuitive feeling that if you’re not moshing, even by yourself on the toilet, then you’re wasting your time, and you should be listening to a Greatest Hits by Michael Buble instead.