Video: Hideous Towns – Don’t Forget


I’ve been sick as a dog the last few days – lungs filling up with black fluid, mucus pooling around my nostrils, the hint of death looming closer and closer – that sort of thing. When you’re in a state like that, it helps to have some really beautiful music to hold onto; something slow and warm, brimming with comfort. Essentially, you want the audio equivalent of a nice soup and herbal tea combo.

And this new one from Hideous Towns should sort you right out. Heavy dollops of reverb, a very gentle, purring riff, and some gorgeous vocals that soar over the top. It’s both hugely expansive and intimate, like a Snuggie stitched with shoegaze instead of phenomenal thread count. If you’re under the weather, the electric blanket is missing, and you’re searching for a reason to live in the face of an invasion from the sniffles, look no further.


New: Hideous Towns – Heart Attack/Skin 7″

Jesus, Hideous Towns are just beautiful creatures, aren’t they? You could totally see David Attenborough doing an entire documentary on them. “Now, look, see here…they delve into that beautiful pasture of noise there…you see that don’t you? It’s a hunting tactic, a process in which the band make themselves as attractive as possible, yes, to lure the unassuming punter into their blinding sheen, and consume them. Remarkable, isn’t it?”

After their spot-on self-titled EP from last year, Hideous Towns have gone and provided everyone’s favourite nature documentarian with enough material for several documentaries. It might only be a two song 7″, but the sheer amount to marvel over, the gaze of Blonde Redhead-meets-The Moles shoegaze pop is just pure goddamn gorgeousness. Hideous Towns are really onto something!

Catch ’em play OAF on the 25th of July w/ The S-Bends, Aloha Units and Hunch!

Video: Hideous Towns – Um Expression

When the footy soars through the middle posts, and that yellow-lycra bastard pulls up a whistle, and two fat fingers…that’s this song. That’s the glory of this song. Because in case it was not immediately apparent, this is glorious.

Melbourne’s Hideous Towns – incredible. Equally inspired by, reflecting of and building upon some of the best gothic and shoegaze music going around right now. A Place to Bury Strangers, Cold Cave, HTRK, Love of Diagrams, Buzz Kull…all legends in their own right, and Hideous Towns have earned their place with “Um Expression”. Droning, then greatly melodic, chaotic noise, then intimate. Pretty special stuff.

Fuck. Buy their EP.