New Punk: Red Red Krovvy + GROTTO + Heads. + Pairs

New year, new you, new punk rock saturation

Red Red Krovvy – New Year

There’s nothing quite as tough as the sound of new Red Red Krovvy. Listening to these guys is like being punched by Charles Bronson or Patti Smith – it’s got a touch of the old school, but it hasn’t lost any of the industrial strength.

GROTTO – Scumbags + Trash Rash

GROTTO, formerly Fermunted, are like Circle-Jerks and The Casualties being thrown in a blender. Their music is equivalent to peeling the skin off your skull with a blunt wedge. It’s brutal as fuck. Get around it.

Heads. – A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words

In much the same way that Narrow Lands and Yes, I’m Leaving have throttled our being with insulting good punk music slowed down to a sluggish and gut-empytingly good bludgeon, Heads. are here to belittle our senses. They’ve come forth with this track “A Mural Is Worth A Thousand Words”, which is the equivalent of having one’s head crushed by Godzilla’s foot.

Pairs – Grandparent

Pairs may be defunct, but they’ve obviously got a whole shitload of unreleased music that would be blasphemous to not check out. Queue up ‘Grandparent’, an EP/Album of material that has to be some of their most blisteringly addictive ever, released through the always excellent Metal Postcard Records. Just when “Blue Dress” made us all think they’d hit a peak, “Gig of the Week”, “Loose Strings” and a buttload others show that Rhys and F can still speedily blitzen all expectations. Pairs might be down, but they’ll never be out.