New Noisy Punk: A Place to Bury Strangers + Terrorista + Gazar Strips

If you’re ears aren’t bleeding, it’s not loud enough.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Straight

Awww yisss! A Place to Bury Strangers have returned with an almighty punk beast that’s not sure if it wants to get jiggy on the dancefloor or slice your body up like some contraption out of Saw. ‘Straight’ almost has pop sensibilities, if it wasn’t for the constant guitar withdrawals that keep feeding into the song. A throbbing bass riff that grinds uncomfortably close to sexual, and enough high-power strut that Guitar Wolf would probably challenge APTBS to a walk-off, Zoolander-style if these forces ever met.

Terrorista – Darren Vs. Bag

Toronto is becoming fast-known for it’s damningly great punk music, RE: The Dirty Nil. Terrorista, as their name alludes to, are a cross between a terrorist attack and a wristy, pleasure and pain colliding over and over again. If Trust Punks and Archers of Loaf were involved in a car wreck, their funeral wake would come across as something like the ferocious “Darren Vs. Bag”, a punk tune so furious it doesn’t give a fuck that it could probably place in a reasonable dimension’s Top 40 countdown.

Gazar Strips – Daylight

A couple weeks back, Brisbane’s Gazar Strips put forward a fantastic track called “Lost Holiday”. They’ve backed it up with the other side of the 7″, a disembowelling terror-soaked track called “Daylight”. If you hate the sunlight, and always wondered what it would sound like if Inkubus Sukkubus and Killing Joke were local heroes rather than far-fetched icons of the 80’s, then look no further than the Gazar Strips’ latest.



New: Gazar Strips – Lost Holiday

Gazar Strips, outta Brissy, are probably one of the most stand-offish and instantly enrapturing bands coming from that solemn city right now. They’ve got a brand new one called “Lost Holiday”, which features their usual Jesus And Mary Chain-via-The Cure-being-sucked-through-a-black-hole-by-Satan sound, which is pretty one-of-a-kind thing. It has to be heard/seen to be believed, ja feel?

Gazar Strips are still maintiaining those looming guitar lines, which I’m all for, and they still have that goth poetry being spat out with guttural baritones. “Lost Holiday” is a swirling cavern of depressed noise and, like the eyes of Medusa/Lee Lin Chin, if you stare at it too long, you risk being turned to stone, caught forever in a terrifying gaze. To summarise, I’m all for “Lost Holiday”, and will wait impatiently for Part 2 of the Gazar Strips Single Series to be released in a couple weeks.

Album Review: Gazar Strips-Sparkling EP

In 2003, Andre 3000 asked society a very important question: ‘What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!’ He got that right – goth music is some of the coolest shit to listen to, and the best stuff is submerged in twenty-thousand feet of ice-cold emotional horror. Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend and The Sisters of Mercy are my go to sad-as-fuck bands, when it’s raining and it’s a Sunday, and there’s an assignment due, and I missed that Scott & Charlene’s Wedding show and…fuck man, my problems are the worst kinds of problems.

This is where Gazar Strips come in handy. They make noisy, gritty goth music in the same vein as the aforementioned artists, only darker. Maybe if Joy Division were drowned in a bathtub of evil? Or if the Reid brothers most devilish, junk-induced nightmares came to light? ‘Sparkling’ is anything but, a lurching, emotionally-wrought ride through cacophony and gutter-gothicism.

The EP starts with ‘Oversight’, a track that reaches out cold hands of bass and screaming, muddy guitar screeches. You can totally hear the ‘Unknown Pleasures’ influence here, but with stacks and stacks of feedback and regurgitating blackness surrounding it. There’s this awesome part where the song breaks down into agonised howls, cackling and a towering solo. The song basically spits out a seething, focused haze of gothic filth (one of the highest of compliments I can give).

The title track continues the trend of ripping open minds with crunching guitars, as experimental sounds that would have a hard time being replicated ricochet on percussion probably performed on a skeleton. ‘Last Days’ continues the killer bass trend, opening with a line that’ll tear you from balls to temple, low-slung and snarling as ever. Give it a few years, you’ll find most house bands that play in death cults chucking up covers of ‘Last Days’, which seems kind of inappropriate given the reputation death cults have got for themselves. Jesus Christ Jim Jones Jr., couldn’t you be a little more sensitive!

Serious props if you understood that really obscure cult leader reference that’s probably one of the darkest things I’ve written, but it’s still not as gloriously tormenting as the final track on the EP, ‘Bee Mantis’. Like its spindly namesake, the track thrives on being the most hair-raising, spine-chilling, mouth-drying creature created, a HTRK track burning on bleeding guitar fumes. This is the shit Stephen King used to write about in his books! It’s terror-fuelled genius, lapping bass and careening guitars carrying hope-shattering lyrics to a final destination of fucking amazing.

Did you read that last sentence? Gazar Strips are probably the best gothic/darkwave group in Australia right now, maybe even the globe. This EP is the kind of thing acid freaks who listen to The Cure wish they could create, but always forget about. This EP shatters all the expectations of what a band must do to cause on to shudder in entranced anticipation. FUCK! I can’t get over it, this EP is simply the shit. Bow down Robert Smith/Rowland S. Howard/Siouxsie Sioux disciples, you have a new master.

Pick up this fucking EP right away for a name your price download (GASP! HOLY FUCK!) at the Sonic Masala Bandcamp.



New: Gazar Strips-Bee Mantis

Today, I heard the words, ‘But Muuuummmmmm…’, and then I got home and listened to the new Gazar Strips track. How are these two things even remotely related? Well, the child that bitched to his Mum needs to get an injection of Gazar Strips right into his veins, because it’ll change him for the better and allow him to harden the fuck up real quick. This hard, coarse, disturbed piece of majesty is so tumultuous, it makes a ride on the Millennium Falcon look easy. It’s stark and more horrifying than a trip on City Rail at 1 in the morning. It’s tortured and howling, like the KVB being filtered through Guantanamo Bay torture devices. A cruel and insidious song, ‘Bee Mantis’ is a 1960’s B Movie Horror Monster dressed up for the modern age.

New: Black Lips + Gazar Strips + Casual Sex + Jugu + Tincture + Chalk And Numbers

Okay, a fuckload of new songs, all of them good. Its like Christmas. Lucky you.

Black Lips-Boys In the Wood

If John Travolta from Grease combined with John Travolta from Pulp Fiction, you’d have an idea of the swag overloads on this new Black Lips track. This song is so urban cowboy, its like a Clint Eastwood/John Wayne combination, a thought so impossibly awesome, if you dwell on it for more than a couple second, your brain will explode. The Black Lips tried, and only through the power of their sheer amazing could they pull through. From their experiences, they formed the new track ‘Boys in the Wood’. Supernatural avoidance of brain explosions are pretty fucking awesome, as is this song. It just makes sense.

Gazar Strips- Oversight

Okay, so this is how shit went down. Imagine if you were some shit little Padawan, then all of a sudden, fucking Chewbacca rocks up and gives you mad props on your lightsabre skills and offers to personally teach you how to use a Wookie crossbow? Well, that’s a great allegory for that time my favourite Aussie music website, Sonic Masala, asked me to check out their debut single on the record label the guys just launched.

At by fuck, is it not just the greatest thing you’ve heard in a while. Gazar Strips from Brisbane play a fudgey, slick combination of Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain with, wait for it, Primus-like bass riffs. Those things just jump and strut like they’re coming straight out of ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’.

The song soon descends into this Sisters of Mercy goth thing, scraping up the barrels of blackness off the Brisbane band room floor and throws them down in a terrific show of angst. Man, this song is fucking killer!

Casual Sex-Then Again

Oh man, oh man, oh man! This shit is like eating a fuckload of chilli, having the entire rim of your mouth completely seared to a deathly pain, and somehow, Casual Sex turn that into an enjoyable feeling. Their sound is a kindly of sickly, oozing, vampiric take on The Horrors. If that band’s early stuff was molested by the likes of The Cramps, then you’d have something along the lines of what happens in the spine-tingling lies of ‘Then Again’. Both seducing and horribly terrifying at the same time, you’ll never view one night flings in the same way again.

Jugu-All the Girls

Something a little less dark, but by no means outside of the territory, this holds a little bit of pixie Amanda Palmer to it. Everything’s still doused in black, but now there’s a mystic sheen running all over it. Its incredibly attractive, but in the back of your mind, you just fucking know there’s a catch. Good luck trying to find it in the textually dense track. There’s those sprite-like vocals, dancing xylophones, and clarinet-or something weezing. Those constant, circular keys that wrap themselves around you, those are the final killers though, ensnaring you like a she-devil python. Jugu proves herself to be the anti-matter version of Sia, and I prefer it that way.

I’lls-Outright (Tincture Remix)

Holy fuck, now things are about to slow down to zanily over-the-top pace.We need to get Jim Carey or Adam Sandler in for this or something, because after the relatively breakneck darkness, there’s a remix of I’lls that I’ve in no way prepared you for. Off their sophomore EP from earlier this year, ‘Outright’ turns into a freezing, glacial monolith, albeit one that starts to get scaled by millions of climbers all searching for some holy shrine, right about 2:08 mark. As specific as that description is, I think its fitting, and I’m the one who’s writing this shit, so deal with it.

That one was by Tincture, the Brisbane maestro who shocked and awed with his track ‘Tryst’. You can grab it for free at I’lls Bandcamp, along with remixes by Rat & Co, Naysayer & Gilsun, Ktsche and Wabz.

Chalk And Numbers-Jump Up

And now for something really, really, really, exploitatively different. This is a track from the band Chalk And Numbers. They sound good, they’re critically acclaimed, they’re underground, yep, they’re from New York. Anyway, this is their contribution to a compilation coming out really soon based around Fraggle Rock songs. There’s only two people that watch Fraggle Rock, and that’s kids under 5, and stoners/trippers out of their fucking minds.

Anyway, the song is a sunshine-splashed, old school garage pop gem. Very girl-group, like The Mama’s & The Papa’s, but minus The Papa’s.