Mixtape: Art As Catharsis-Distortion and Dissonance (free download)

I haven’t really gotten into my private passion of really, really, really heavy shit that much on this website. Mainly because I stick to the old school shit that everyone knows-Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer. All the obvious ones. Most metal nowadays is glossy shit that cops a couple rotations on Triple J’s Short. Fast. Loud before getting replaced with something that sounds exactly the same (cough, Northlane, Dream On, Dreamer, Amity Affliction, cough) So yeah, I usually just stick to whatever Cancer Bats, Pulled Apart By Horses and Cerebral Ballzy are doing.

That’s all changed with the release of this Art As Catharsis mixtape. AAC are a Sydney-based record group that have been pushing out some of the best hardcore and metal bands for ages now. And they’ve got the compilation to prove it. Totally Unicorn, Fat Guy Wears a Mystic Wolf T-Shirt, FVCK Mountain, Tanned Christ…if they’re interesting, solid and pummelling, chances are they’re featured on the Art As Catharsis mixtape.


New: Nathan Roche-Magnetic Memories (free download)

Nathan Roche-Magnetic Memories

I interviewed Mista Roche about a week ago, and on the topic of his new solo record, he was pretty non-chalant. There was the usual, ‘Ah, just been fucking around’ sort of language. There was no hint that this kind of genius was about to get dropped on us, the unwaveringly dedicated music public. The vibes are pure bogan-Hawaiian-bliss, like a the fumes from a crack pipe made out of the shell of a coconut. This song is like being immersed in a submarine in the Mighty Boosh universe, whilst Sebastian from the Little Mermaid’s stoned cousin serenades you. All your friends have said he’s a sleaze, but the way the words drip out of his mouth, and the guitars wibble-warble along, it’s hard to not want to fuck the shit out of this song.



New: Ciggie Witch-Long Weekend

You don’t need me to tell you that there’s been a shitload of amazing Melbourne jangle music happening in the past couple years. It seems like every dickhead (me) with a blog (me) has written something about “dole-wave” or some other derivative of the awesomeness occurring in our cultural capital of Melbourne (BLASPHEMY!)

That trend continues in the form of one of the leaders of the scene, Ciggie Witch. They’ve been kicking it for a couple years, since late 2012, making music of the sighing jizz-worthy variety. Now, after two years of kicking it Beastie Boys style, they’re getting around to releasing their debut record.  Why so long to make a record? Well, if you look at the members of Ciggie Witch, their contributions to other projects reads like a who’s-who of Melbourne’s entire music scene. Jangle or no jangle, the members of Ciggie Witch do not give a fuck-they just want to make music!

So, it comes with great excitement that Ciggie Witch announce their debut long-player, of which the single ‘Long Weekend’ is the first single. As expected, it’s fucking beautiful. I seriously considered taking the profanity out of that description, but then I decided that it wouldn’t do justice to what is a gem in the jangle crown. The way the music caresses you like Grandma’s chocolate-chip cookies, and the lyrics manage to describe the shit out of a quarter life crisis and all the difference of having a long weekend with mates can make. 10/10 would jangle-pop (That’s a euphamism for bang. What I’m saying is that I would bang the shit out of Ciggie Witch)

New: Tincture-Similar Circles (free download)

Ahhhh Tincture, you fucking fantastic producer of holy goodness you! Remember that track ‘Tryst feat. Hazel Brown’? Of course you do, that song fucking blows chunks all over the modern world of Australian electronica. Flume and Oscar Key Sung need to up their game if they don’t want to be overtaken by a Brisbanaut. Tincture will get all Liam Neeson, Taken-style, and destroy everything you love in front of your eyes, collapsing the established empire through the power of fantastic tuneage.

For his major second single, Tincture’s gone with ‘Similar Circles’. This song rules harder than a Ric Flair ‘Woooo!’. It’s soulful as fuck, like Aretha Franklin on steroids, and the schizophrenic pulses on the hi-hats that slither around behind the slinky synth work makes my hair crawl on the back of my neck whilst I recede into a comfortable slumber. That shit’s called a paradox, and Tincture makes it happen! He’s breaking the laws of grammar and logic! This guy does not give a fuck!

New: Oily Boys-Rabbit’s Foot (free download)

I wanted to include this in the previous post about new shit, but there was no way I could include it subtly, and there was no way I was going to put a track this good all the way down in the bottom, especially after a bliss-out on the Woods track. No, Oily Boys deserve so much better than that, so they get their own very special post, and maybe an extra 10 words or so. Someone give me a fucking Nobel Peace Prize or something!

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of Oily Boys, they’re one of the saints of all things heavy and detrimental in Sydney. Its songs like ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ that sends WASP mothers running for the hills, begging for 7 inches to be labelled with warnings about thematic nature. Well, good fucking luck untangling the babble of awesome that ferociously bubbles on this track. As the drums pound mercilessly, and the guitar overlaps itself like a racehorse that’s going at the speed of light, but can’t quite figure out how, ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ just gets faster and more furious (but never resembling a Vin Diesel vehicle in the slightest) until its an overblown punk spew. Words don’t really describe how fucking brilliant this track is.

Album Review: The Fabergettes-Big Bruiser EP (free download)

ImageRemember Sandy from Grease? She was the super hot diva played by Olivia Newton-John (‘STRAYA!) who was near-molested by John Travolta? She dropped her entire moral code over a near death experience from J-Trav in a car? Yeah, know you remember her. Well, the 21st Century re-imagining of Sandy comes from the Sydney four-piece The Fabergettes. Their first EP was 60’s bubblegum garage perfection, but they’ve gone and followed it up with a more perfect-er 60’s bubblegum garage EP. I fear for humanity that The Fabergettes keep this trend-by their third album, they might transform the world into a Grease mural.

Regardless of the implied moral dilemmas of living your life in a throwback musical due to global domination from a band from Newtown, you really should listen to this EP. It’s just a stunning piece of work. It opens with the title track, a song that was made for melting hearts. ‘Big Bruiser’ is like the ULTIMATE teenage song: its cute, but its got grit, and there’s a catchiness to it that defies logic. Soon, every doo-woop lover worth their salt will be bopping their head in their shiny red Corvette to ‘Big Bruise’, flashing their Tom Cruise smiles and swishing their Molly Ringwald curls in the light breeze.

Enough of this wistful wishing, and onto ‘Little White Lie’, a song that appeals to the ballad-lovers in us all. ‘Little White Lie’ is romantic as anything, like a Shakespearan play that’s been injected with the sand of Malibu beach circa 1965. ‘Do the Hula’ follows that, taking the boardwalk atmosphere of the previous side into the surf. It is damn near impossible not to curl your hands into little balls and shake them up and down like your in a Monkees video clip. The EP finishes out with the sighing and adorable ‘Kiss Hairspray Away’. Listening to this song just cements all the lust one can have for The Fabergettes, turning even the most causal listener into that girl from the first Indian Jones movie that writes ‘I Love You’ onto her eyelids and bashfully bashes them at our titular character.

The Fabergettes are a band that combine a genuine love for the throwback with charm. The pinks, purples and greens that adorn the ‘Big Bruiser’ cover spill into the EP itself, showing off music with bright and loveable substance. Catchy and groovy beyond comprehension, ‘Big Bruiser’ EP is just one of what will be many career highlights of The Fabergettes. 

As iterated in the title of this publication, you can score this album as a free download, simply by going to The Fabergettes Bandcamp page. While your there, you should think long and hard for approximately a second before downloading their amazing debut EP as well. However, if you’re into the business of vinyl, you should definitely consider going and picking one up-it’s Shrek Shit Green (Trademark) with splotches all over it! 

New: Claws & Organs-Nothing to Learn EP

Get a load of this shit! Seriously, shovel it in your mouth like it’s the last source of grunge-punk in the world, because this EP from Melbourne’s Claws and Paws is chock full of goodness and rare intensity. The band tread along a fine line between hazed out-slackers and face melting shredding. Although the EP is only four tracks long, brutality doesn’t even begin to describe the in-your-face awesomeness that is Claws & Organs. Starting with the highlight of the EP, ‘Man of the House’ (track posted above), there is a trend initiated that proves that Claws & Organs are enticing as it they abusive. ‘Man of the House’ opens with a rollicking bass and a honeyed over but sweat encased verse structure, progressing to a tutting and strutting chorus that spits phlegm all over you and snarls self appraisement. Same goes for opener ‘Garlon on the Yarra’ with the Nirvana-esque, a thrash/slash/pash fuck you with a chorus that will reach inside of your chest cavity, tear out your bloody, still-beating heart and eat it right in front of you. Not to be outdone, ‘Super Ordinary’ take the average man tune that is being pumped out so consistently well, and gives it the grunge treatment, a fiery bass riff pummelling the track into your brain, and a yelp of ‘Super Ordinary’ smeared across your conscious. Final track ‘Paperback’ ensures that the beast has a fitting end, a fast and furious, no-bullshit sheen encasing this track that would make Vin Diesel’s hairless figure beam with pride. Overall, the ‘Nothing to Learn’ EP is decidedly frowning upon it’s own name-there is plenty of goodness to be gained from this fantastically bombastic EP.

You can grab the EP for absolutely nothing from Claws & Organs’ Bandcamp. Holy Shit! That’s right! You just got the next Mudhoney’s debut EP for fucking nothing! Fuck yeah! If you want to go see Claws & Organs (which you definitely should), they’re playing FBi Social on the 14th of November, and The Spectrum on the 15th.


New: Hand Games Mixtape #14 (free download)

New: Hand Games Mixtape #14 (free download)

Fuck to the yes to the fuck yes. There is a new Hand Games mixtape, and for now, everything is right in the world. For those that don’t know, Hand Games is a mixtape service. Every month, a new playlist shows up like the hologram of Eazy-E at Rock the Bells. This month’s playlist has a host of goodness that would cause envy to Mother Teresa. There’s new shit from the schmoovest R&B thang in the world, Black Vanilla, as well as some light and immersing electronica from Hayden James, Ta-ku, Moses MacRae and Lower Spectrum. In terms of the gorgeously gargantuan, there’s the newest of new from Palms (<3), Peter Bibby, Shining Bird. ‘C of O’ from The Native Cats ‘Dallas’ album makes a most welcome appearance. Rounding out the eye-popping goodness are Summer Flake, Brothers Hand Mirror, Rainbow Chan and Naughty Rappers Collective. Overall, this shit is going to pound you into oblivion with the sheer greatness of the music. The fact that is completely free of charge will send your brain into a paradoxical descent of insanity. 

New: Dot Dash-Bloom/Decay (free download)

Fact: a song with a title that gives off a cyclical but vague plot structure using only two words is going to be fan-fucking tastic. At least, that’s the case with Washington D.C based indie rock band Dot Dash. Think Superchunk and Swervedriver, easygoing riffs that force you into a grin, and vocals that aren’t shoving anything down your throat, but simply gravitate in their own little space. And then ending? Fucking 10/10 for that onslaught of amiable sound! Awesome shit!

New: Cabin Cults-We All Died (free download)

Y’know, for a band with Cult in the name, and a lead single called ‘We All Died’, a title that doesn’t exactly scream ‘We’re going to Disneyland’, Cabin Cults are surprisingly energetic, and earnest too. They have unstoppable force in their pulsing electro, layered vocals and swooning chorus. But really, dem synth breaks…fuaaark. Listen to that, then search for your underwear. It’s gone. No surprises. Cabin Cults, another band from Adelaide, are definitely going to be big, I would not be surprised to see them on one of the summer festivals this year. And you don’t want to be the only dick head in the crowd that’s not shouting back every word on this. So yeah, thank me later for making sure you’re ahead of the game. On a serious note, this is a damn good thunderous track, that costs approximately nothing and will make the opposite sex have slightly more respect for you.