Album Review: Ghost Wave-Ages


I am so happy to have discovered this album. It’s an absolute pearler. If you can’t accept how amazing Ghost Wave are as a band, then you seriously need to get your head out of your arsehole and put down your N’Sync album, because there is a new revolution in music. And it goes by the name of ‘Ages’. Fuck this is a great album. God himself could not have crafted a tastier compilation of tracks. 


Ghost Wave are like a new wave band that got with the times. Think The Psychedelic Furs with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The songs on ‘Ages’ all scream urban bohemia, but not in the dumb hipster Brooklyn way you’d think. Ghost Wave are cool and awesome, but greatest of all, Ghost Wave have the element of authenticity, a characteristic so many others crave but fail to come even close to capturing. It’s this authenticity and obvious passion that goes into each groovy track that makes Ghost Wave a band such a pleasure to listen to.

Just take a spin on songs like ‘Horsemouth’, with it’s neo-pysch opener that turns into a no-frills slide into orgasmic sound. Or ‘Here She Comes’, a chilled and addictive guitar track, that also boasts a rhythm section that buzzes in your ear like a friendly bee, despite the paradox that sentence holds. The album closer ‘Orb’ is one for the next P@rtY Playli$t (don’t lie, that’s what you call all your playlists), a song that literally drips with fried confidence and blazes up to insane proportions. On a serious note, how many bands can write a good song called ‘Teenage Jesus’? That fact alone should convince you of Ghost Wave’s greatness. 

The best thing about this record is how fun it is to listen to. Not a whole lot of bands can claim that anymore. Everything is super dark, and serious, and sometimes that can be super graining to listen to. But then, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got acts that are just laughable (Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, Riff Raff) and the only way you can listen to them is if you sputter about how you’re ‘…doing it ironically, like duh!’. There’s only so many times someone can catch you listening to ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, before that shit gets old. But Ghost Wave strike the perfect balance. They just make cool, funky music that, like a party-loving parasite, will lay it’s good vibe eggs inside of you. These eggs will hatch and devour you from the inside, turning your cold, soulless being into something that could maybe entertain the possibility of a good time. Pulling away from the extended metaphor of airborne fun viruses, and to end on an utmost recommendation, Ghost Wave’s debut album is better than grilled cheese sandwiches. ‘Ages’ fucking rules. 

You can buy Ghost Wave’s album here, on their Bandcamp