New: Gold Class – Life As A Gun


It looks like there’s a ginger in this band, so I’m already on board. But then you go and add their music to the mix, and I’m falling for Gold Class like every nerd in the world is falling for the Batman vs. Superman trailer. Gothic like Gotham, Gold Class fuse grit and bleeding soulfulness with ease, feeding pain into their post-punk like a witch buttering up Hansel And Gretel before a tasty luncheon of bones.

Sure, Gold Class lean a little too much on the Morrisey for my liking, but the jagged guitars that spit and thrash between mournful cries leaves a wake of broken goth hearts in their wake, including mine. It’s tough music that’s allowed itself to be vulnerable, and that is the sweetest spot of all. Plus, the bloke can fucking sing, and “Life As A Gun” reveals itself to be something with actual substance, intensely intimate and bare, as opposed to this shit.

Gold Class are making the trek North for VOLUMES festival w/ Jack Ladder, The Laurels, Day Ravies etc. Pretty, pretty decent.


New: Nite Fields – You I Never Knew

Nite Fields are the sort of band that makes your heart jump into your throat incredibly quickly. Sure, it’s a bit of a health hazard, but when post-punk is made this beautifully, the thumping beat of your vital organs in your oesophagus becomes secondary to your primary motive of soaking up this bloody great band.

Newly signed to the awesome label felte Records, who have also put out Sydney dudes Mysteries, White Hex and Standish/Carlyon, “You I Never Knew” is part New Order, circa-Low Life, Power Corruption & Lies, inserted with some of that blank drawl that makes Brisbane one of the greatest musical cities on the planet right now. Although covered in glossy sheen, Nite Fields still manage to show through a bit of a decrepit sneer in their lyrics and delivery. Worth the free download? Only as much as a platinum edition of “Terminator 2”!