Video: Cool Ghouls-Queen Sophie

Holy bulging nutsack Batman! That’s more or less the main thing that stuck out from this stoner-ific new video for the brand new Cool Ghouls track ‘Queen Sophie’. Yep, there’s enough skin in this clip to classify as softcore porn, and the majority of it is male, and hairy. You turned on yet? You will be once you hear the awesome slacker sounds that Cool Ghouls pull out musically. It’s really poppy and sunny with just enough subtle nihilism to transform it into a really cool (ghouls) song. And those watercolours at the end are so good, they’d make Old Greg blush.


Video: Cool Ghouls-Natural Life

If you ever wondered what Casper the Friendly Ghost would sound like if he got stoned and joined a garage band….well, Cool Ghouls are it. Cool little jammers outta San Fran, they’ve just released their debut cassette/album through Empty Cellar and Burger Records. Does it get better than this? Probably. I mean, being doused in chocolate sauce by Playboy Bunnies whilst the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight to the death for your entertainment is probably better than Cool Ghouls ‘Natural Life’ single, BUT ONLY JUST.