New: Roland Tings – Hedonist (Alba Remix)


Alba don’t pulsate, they throb. Boom, boom, boom, thunking away at your temple, gnawing at the base of your spine. Their originals are spot on masterclasses in morbid beats, but their remix work is fantastic as well, often warping the original into a form of deadly, malleable steel, kinda like the equivalent of the guy from Terminator 2. Check out their take on Oscar Key Sung’s “All I Could Do” and Elizabeth Rose’s “The Good Life” for evidence.

Here, they latch onto Roland Tings’ latest track, “Hedonist”, taking the song’s original pleasure = everything atmosphere, and dragging it into some deeper depths. It feels like a crocodile (saltwater, obviously) slithering just below the surface of the water, lumbering towards prey, clasping some jaws around the tropical beast’s neck and submerging it beneath the surface. It’s a jerky, thudding, steamy spread of electronica and you’d better do what’s right and click that little download button.

PS: Roland Tings is playing this Saturday at Howler in Melbourne – get along to it if you feel like casually witnessing one of Australia’s premiere electronic musicians at work.


New: TEES – Spending Your Heart


I love t-shirts – they’re an easy way to decide if you like the person underneath. For example – if I see someone wearing a Royal Headache t-shirt, we’ll probably get along alright. If they’re wearing a tropical polo shirt, only the flowers have been replaced by swastikas, we’re probably not going to be going for a beer any time soon.

Anyway, point here is that everyone loves t-shirts, and by that logic, they’ll love TEES, two rad folks making some luscious electronica outta Sydney. After a sprinkling of releases the last two years, they’ve been picked up by Farmer & the Owl, who also handle Hockey Dad and The Pinheads. However, if you’re going in expecting some indie rock or slap dash garage, prepare to be bewildered by the magic of *the synth* and *the drum machine*.

“Spending Your Heart” lushly extends upon TEES previous offerings, pools of ice-cold house scooped from a melting glacier in Alaska. However, there’s a little more ecstasy in this new jam, which makes it feel like it could’ve been ripped off a workout video full of jazzercise and brightly coloured spandex. When the night is winding down, and you’ve already played “Hotline Bling”, but you need to keep the crowd there, chuck on “Spending Your Heart”, and watch the dance floor re-invigoration begin.

New Electronic: Anatole + LUCIONBLOMKAMP + Planéte + Tuff Sherm/Patch Free

Anatole – Away (feat. Tash Parker)  It’s been a cruise drip of releases from Sydney’s Anatole. Gentle, bright touches, all nuzzling towards this gorgeous new track. “Away” is a jam for prom night, the type in the movies starring Kirsten Dunst, … Continue reading

Video: Cedie Jansen – In The Light

Interlocking, intergalactic subtleties are par for the course for Cedie Jansen. A Brisbane native with a cassette out on Lost Race Records, “In the Light” unveils a video clip that feels like Neil DeGrasse Tyson spent too much time in the QLD sun on peyote. Suspended, shimmering, alien bodies,, rushing lights that give way to darkness and galaxies that have all the answers, this video works perfectly with the nuance of Cedie Jansen’s understated, twitching electronica.

New: White Gums – Float EP


I’m mostly familiar with Newcastle’s punk and hardcore scene – most of the stuff that dribbles out of there is well worth your short attention span, folks like Bare Grillz, Rat King and Crab Smasher to name a few.

But for those who are looking for something a bit more lush, look no further than old mate White Gums. With electronica that flicks between distant thumping and wind chime glitches, this guy is destined to fucking kill it. Sonically, he’s entering the same realm as Four Tet, Burial and Caribou – and this bloke is only on his first EP! Imagine what he’s going to be doing on an album!

Only three tracks long, ‘Float’ is only a taste, but it’s the kind of taste that hooks you with the strength of the Mitchell 300 Pro. Opener “desreveR” has been getting a lot of attention, but follow ups “Float” and “Rattle” will also be good choices if you want to sink into some silky ambience.

Video: Null – Oil Run

Imagine a Deatheater is sucking out your soul. Now imagine that Deatheater has got the flyest mixtape in the biz, like, it’s straight fire, and as it’s sucking out your will to live, it’s pumping you with bright, sparkly techno born from a whole other galaxy. That’s Null.

Dastardly electronica that reels you in without a second glance, Null’s debut EP, featuring “Luv U Luv Me”, is a work of intoxicating, erotic shit that calls to mind Kangaroo Skull and Lucy Cliche. Feast your eyes upon the latest from Null, the simplistic but engulfing “Oil Run”, which includes a video that looks like the manic work of a microscope trying out the Berlin nightlife for the first time.

New: Tenru – Oceans

It’s been a while since any electronic music has graced these hallowed pages, but Tenru picked me outta this slump of garage and punk rock, and plumped by overbearing carcass firmly back in the society of knob-tweak appreciators.

Hailing from Perth, old mate takes the love we all feel for Bonobo, and turns it into something even more sensual and seductive, turning our platonic friendship into something that can only be described as lust. Strong, earthy lust, the kind one feels after reading 50 Shades of Grey, or watching bootleg videos of Channing Tatum working out.

New: Spirit Faces – Adeline (feat. Lisa Mitchell)

“Adeline” seems purpose built to make you feel emotions harder than a Clockwork Orange-style viewing of the saddest moments of your life. Fed on a diet of raw, sparse piano, and Lisa Mitchell’s sobbing voice, this is a track that features lyrics like, “And by now you have moved on, and you heard my parting song/still I sing for you…does she know when I dream, I dream of her, and I can’t get to sleep”. How are you meant to return from this song with a dry cheek? It’s an impossibility.

Haunting isn’t the right word, because it’s not exactly sorrow here. It’s like a requiem for the most brutal and beautiful breakup, a remembrance and a cry out. And fuck, it makes little droplets of water that are definitely NOT tears fall down your cheeks. In the words of Mr. Lebowski: “Strong men also cry. Strong men. Also. Cry”.

Video: PILLS – 2004

2004 was the year after Massive Attack released ‘100th Window’, also known as the period where people stopped caring about Massive Attack. Well, PILLS are looking to make trip-hop interesting again with ‘2004’, the A-side of a 7″ they’ve put out on Beko Disques, a label that has been hurtling through legendary Australian releases and doesn’t even exist in this country.

They’ve got a video to go with that fits the drowsy, neon comedown of the song as well, a gold-embedded party that we’ve always wanted to go to, but never got invited to. It’s the kind of drowning ‘n’ drugged atmosphere that manages to intoxicate and liberate at the same time. V. V. V. good stuff.

New: Catlips – Fade

Hey, big fan, big fan of this one. Everyone’s mate Catlips, from the dusty old Perth has just put out a subtle, sensual blast of lusty house music. Sure, it was still 10 or so years before I became considered my parents biggest mistake, but Catlips has an innate ability to reflect the closed-eyes euphoria that I’m sure a lot of the folks who experienced the original wave of Chicago House. It’s got enough groove to constantly slick down the constantly kicking drums, and Catlips’ vocals are more on point than Robin Hood at an archery range. Get “Fade” into ya before you choke on mediocrity.