R.I.P Chopper Reid Playlist

Chopper Reid was an Australian hero. Sure, he did a lot of crazy shit back in the day, but through and through he represented core Australian values of mateship, honesty and loyalty. He served as the best Australian anti-hero since Ned Kelly, and its a shame to hear of his passing. By now, with the books, Heath Franklin’s hilarious parody, and the biopic film starring Eric Bana, you would’ve heard the name Chopper somewhere. This playlist serves to honour a fallen hero. It’s chock full of gritty punk songs from the underground, just like Chopper. There’s stuff from the 80’s (The Replacements, Fugazi, Flipper), and some newer punk (FIDLAR, METZ, Tyvek) and some Australian classics (The Scientists, Lubricated Goat). And of course, there’s the underground Australian shit that has more energy in it than a writhing Komodo Dragon. But they all show the side of Chopper Reid that Australia knew and loved: hard, fun-loving and dedicated.

1. Fugazi-Do You Like Me

2. FIDLAR-Cheap Beer

3. Chicks Who Love Guns-Run People

4. The Replacements-Customer

5. Witch Hats- Ma Birthday

6. Destruction Unit-Slow Death Sounds

7. Flipper-Be Good, Child!

8. Future of the Left-The House that Hope Built

9. Reckless Vagina-Dollarhyde

10. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys-Nobody Else

11. Lubricated Goat-In The Raw

12. The Scientists-Set It On Fire

13. TV Colours-Bad Dreams

14. METZ-Get Off

15. Danzig-Mother

16. Tyvek-4312

17. The Mission of Burma-1,2,3 Partyy!

18. The Wipers-Mystery

19. Royal Headache-Down the Lane

20. The Gooch Palms-We Get By


Video: Destruction Unit-Sonic Pearl

If Washed Out wasn’t what you were looking for, try Destruction Unit. They’re a crazy metal/pysch band from Arizona, which makes sense, because there’s fuck all else to do in Arizona besides go out to the desert, take a lot of drugs and and make awesome music. Fittingly, that’s exactly what they do in the clip. If you feel like simulating having your brain peeled back by a shotgun, put on this song. It’s just a dick tease of what’s going to come out later this year on Sacred Bones, however this song can be found on a 7 inch by Suicide Squeeze Records in 3(!) days.