New: Den – Just Hold

Although Sydney isn’t exactly deprived for acts that churn out the menace, like MAKING, Yes, I’m Leaving, or Low Life, there aren’t too many that do it in the arena of rock. Should it be that hard to make someone want to shit themselves and suffer through sleepless nights? I dunno, I’m not the bloody musician, am I?

Queue up some Den – new Sydney band that play faster than the NSW Blues can embarrass an entire state. A little Place to Bury Strangers, mixed down with The Horrors first album, ¬†with some old school post-punk sneer thrown in for good measure. “Just Hold ” is Sydney’s answer to Total Control, this song also gets huge props for being the first song I know of to begin with the clicking sounds that Predator makes just before he stabs someone with his fuck-off hand claws.