Album Review: mnttaB-Welcome to the planet, dear


Imagine this scenario: you’re frolicking in a daisy field, somewhere in the South American continent. Suddenly, Keith Flint from The Prodigy descends from the heavens. Wrapped around his torso is the snake from the garden on Eden. The snake whispers seductively-hands you an album adorned by tired, paranoid eyes, numbers and symbols. What could this mean? The end of the world? But 2012 was last year you fucking idiot. Keith Flint don’t give a fuck. You’ve just been handed the awesomely schizophrenic ‘Welcome to the planet, dear’ by Melbourne’s death-doom-disko group mnttaB (pronounced Mount-Tab). You are in heaven. Now find a CD Player, or record player OR FUCKING SOMETHING to play this shit on.

If your a fan of Death Grips, Orbital, The Prodigy, or any of those dark-ravey bands that equally incite terror and passion into the hearts of any who listen, then mnttaB will be right up your ally. Also, if you get all gooy-eyed and bonerific over those free compilations on New Weird Australia, then just go ahead and assume that this will soundtrack the rest of your year. There’s plenty of fast paced, ecstasy laden industrial hooks to get the blood pumping, and the hard-ons knocking against the knees. Title track ‘Welcome to the planet, dear’, ‘Femme Fatale’, and ‘Infinitepopsong’ are all tracks that could soundtrack zombie chase scenes from Resident Evil. But then there’s hints of the darker and weirder on stuff like ‘Hammer/Nail/Teeth/Claws (feat. Max Posthorn)’ which is straight up satanic synth, like Ministry if they were a cult, and ‘Bequemlichkeit (feat. Rene Schaefer)’ is an intense mash up of a kids carnival with serial killer carnies, horrifically minimalistic in execution…actually horrifically minimalistic in every aspect.

Although the album can get unfocused and stray occasionally, it’s all worth it just to listen to tracks like ‘Watch your lips move’, in which undulating paranoia and chemical reactions mix for explosive results. The synth work is next level demonic, taking inspiration from all those crazy, fucked 80’s bands from Europe and updating that shit to keep us on our toes, and keep us zany and fucked. Hunter S. Thompson once said ‘Too weird to live, too rare to die!’, a statement that definetely applies to this  LP.

You can download mnttaB’s ‘Welcome to the planet, dear’ for free off their Bandcamp, available here, along with the amazing ‘mainsHum’ EP. Or, if you’re so inclined you can buy it as well. No pressure (buy it).