Album Review: Dag-Dogwood

Another day, another low-budget, lo-fi extravaganza. It’s getting to a point where its hard to pick what’s good, and what’s been buried under so much fuzz that it’s become an indistinguishable mess of tape and reverb. Dag bucks that trend, because his music is more stripped back and bare than the braincells in Tony Abbott’s head.

Dag’s debut cassette release is the country-tinged tear-weller ‘Dogwood’. What does Dogwood mean? Well, it’s a kind of tree that looks a lot like Winter. It’s got a cold, placid look to it, retired in every sense. That’s definitely the fell that Dusty Anastassiou brings to his music. Each song begs the question of ‘Why bother sticking around? What’s left? Why am I here?’ Not in a lovesick sense either, but in a self-tortured appreciation instead.

Take the absolute standout miser tune ‘To Be Yours’, which recalls the best stuff from Lower Plenty and Kitchen’s Floor. It’s a song that’s laid bare, just skin and bone haughtily tossed in front of us. It’s haphazard to its core, and cries with a desperate grapple at self-worth. ‘You make a man feel like he is no man at all’-It’s the kind of lyric that uncovers the real emotions behind the tough, impenetrable ocker stereotype, saying what so many blokes never had the courage to say.

It’s all about the delivery as well-Dusty Anastassiou sings his songs the way you’d expect a heartbroken crow who’s been dying of thirst in the middle of the Nullarbor to sing their songs. They’re unveiled with a slow drawl that is totally unique, and when paired with the precise yet sloppy guitars and paw scratching drums, these songs sink deeper into the consciousness than Leonardo Di Caprio’s character from Inception.

There’s doubt that Dusty Anastassiou will ever find the answers to the questions he’s asking about on ‘Dogwood’. But it doesn’t matter, because simply asking those questions puts him leagues ahead of everyone else. This dirty, ugly cassette, with its lolling guitars, course vocals and soaring harmonicas, it has more of a riveting nature than any Psych 101 class that Sydney Uni offers. Guess that’s what you get when you become disillusioned in the dustbowl of Brisbane.

Guys, we should move to Brisbane.


Get the cassette right here-yewww!:

Dag launches their cassette in Sydney this Thursday, 17th of July, at the Bloody Lansdowne, m9’s. If the fact that you get to hang out with ol’ mate Dag at the Lanny wasn’t enough, Mope City, The Hoo Has and Encrypted Hard Drive are all playing as well. Just another reason to love The Mess Up!


New: Dag-There’s A Power

I’m a dag, and there’s no doubt about it. I’m a loser of the highest order. I like Star Wars way too much, and I will argue Terminator 2’s valuable inclusion to the cultural lexicon to the death. Also, I once caught all 151 Pokemon. And I wear weird shirts that don’t fit my body.

But Dag (band) are here to tell me that it’s alright to be a complete nerd/worthless member of society. Apparently, there’s a power to that, if the bare minimum of information is anything to go by. Well, at least there is when you’ve got a lo-fi Cosmic Psychos mixed with Brisbane suburbia thing going on. Regardless of where the power lies, with the non-contributing associates of social currency, or normal folk, this song is pretty fucking sick.