New: Northeast Party House-The Haunted

It’s Friday, and most jobs will be finished in the next couple of half-hours (I don’t understand how time works). With that being said, it’s time to get animated. Let’s get moving, let’s get physical. I want those heart rates up, pumping at 147 and a half BPM. Ya dig!? To help along with my very specific requests is Northeast Party House’s newest track ‘The Haunted’. This song is fucking killer in so many ways. It’s like Bloc Party with the stoic, chunky vocals that roll themselves into your brain, but then there’s the Cut Copy tribal drums spliced in there as well. AND THEN there’s the weird space-tronica that makes its presence super well-known around half-way through. This song was made to be danced to, and if you can’t get in to that, then you’re obviously a human imitation, and have yet to learn about amazing shit.


Video(s): Cut Copy + Lune + Cheatahs + Pony Time + Bleeding Rainbow

Fuck you man, I don’t need to give you an introduction. What’s an introduction anyway? A bunch of meaningless paragraphs that somehow seamlessly move the reader from watching pornography into becoming concerned and intrigued with the continued article. Nah, I won’t waste your time with such a pathetic epithet.

Cut Copy-We Are Explorers

It’s becoming an expected thing that Cut Copy will unveil some crazy cool shit every time they do something, and all music fans loins grow in longing. In this Internet age, when even our dear Clive Palmer is susceptible to bullshit fads like twerking, and the majority of music festivals will grab any act with over a million views on Youtube (case in point: almost the entire Soundwave and Big Day Out lineups, which are either nostalgia or bullshit based), you can always trust Cut Copy to do something progressive and heartwarmingly zany. This time, it’s in the form of an animated 3D printed music video, whatever the fuck that means. It kinda looks like ET’s jizz became sentient, but hey, no judgement when its Cut Copy.


Lune-Made of Steel

This video came out ages ago, but its just getting its Australian premier now. The singer on the inescapable track of 2010 aka ‘Teenage Crime’ has gone out on her own, spreading those good ol’ Swedish vibes to wider audiences for the benefit of everyone alive and dead. The video is bascially a pissed off lady that thought it was going to be really cold outside, and then stepped into a heaps warm room. You’ll understand what I mean when you see those cardigans begin to shed.


Cheatahs-Get Tight

I love Cheatahs, especially their song ‘The Swan’, so it was a mad dolla bill shame when their debut record kinda remained placid and unmoving. However, in small and particular doses, the record can be really entertaining. Case in point: ‘Get Tight’. Shoegaze meets sonic punk for a cataclysmic explosion of fuzz and Jesus and Mary Chain fanboy orgasms. The video further accentuates the point by collapsing a bunch of ball-tripping images, overloading the acid factor and regurgitating as much hazy, bright colours as a machine is capable of producing. Whatever you do, don’t watch this whilst under the influence of anything. Or do, I’m not your mum.


Pony Time-Hippy Shit

How fucking great is a title like ‘Hippy Shit’? Growing your hair long, smoking way too many bongs, dreamily arguing about bullshit politics and contributing absolutely nothing to a social situation…man, it’s good to be a hippie. None of that occurs in the video for the new-ish Pony Time single, which is basically a Super 8 tour diary set to dirty nu-grunge.


Bleeding Rainbow-So You Know

Bleeding Rainbow are like A Place to Bury Strangers crossed with Speedy Ortiz, and mastered by Kim Deal. Sweet, barbershop garage music that’s constantly propelled by furious guitars. The video is kind of cool, but the song is way better. I mean, what would you prefer: artsy, vintage materials being filmed in close-up or something that gives your adrenaline a hard on?

Top 10 Australian Albums of 2013

Whoomp, there it is! Or, to be more grammatically correct, here it is. Because, y’know, you’re reading this off some sort of screen, which is on front of you, and not somewhere else, which is what the preposition of there implies.

Look, I was trying to make a reference to Tag Team’s 1993 smash hit, and smoothly initiate an article about the best Australian albums of 2013, but it failed in a brutal showing of grammatical error. Anyway, as I clumsily try to regain my poise, let me say that 2013 has been a killer year for Australian records. On the International scene, there haven’t been absolutely tonnes of records that have held people’s gaze for the full year, but in Aussie-land, home of snuggies and the ‘ocker’ stereotype, there have been leaps and bounds in every genre available. Its cruel to pick just ten, but here we are, in a state of despair. Woe is I, for we art doomed to live in a state of existential pit of despair wrought by picking just ten albums for lists. Please….empathise.

Super Dooper Special (as in all tied Equal 11th) mentions go to Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, The Ocean Party, Day Ravies, Unity Floors, and Ooga Boogas.

Special Mentions go to Clowns, Amateur Drunks, Standish/Carlyon, Pikelet, The Living Eyes, Golden Blonde, Ausmuteants, The Drones and The Native Cats.

Super Duper Ultra Special Metal Album: Zeahorse-Pools

The sludge! The intensity! The gruel! Its like Jack Black once said in Tenacious D’s ‘The Metal’, ‘…you can’t kill the metal, the metal will live on’. As it does on Zeahorse’s debut record ‘Pools’. Stagnant marshes of filthy reverb and disgusting bass-lines make this a riveting listen, plunging you head first into a swirling world full of blackness and awesome sludgery.

10. Yes, I’m Leaving-Mission Bulb

Not since Fugazi has a punk band come so blindingly close to marrying the intense anti-establishment message of punk with blindingly good melodies. For Yes, I’m Leaving, a band with both an excellent name, a fantastic live show and even greater songs, its just another day making great fucking songs. Yes, I’m Leaving don’t really make a misstep on ‘Mission Bulb’, just chugging out those razor sharp punk songs like they’re a supergroup made from Patti Smith, Ian McKaye, Keith Morris, and Jello Biafra, and the old guy with a sledge hammer on the cover is replaced by Henry Rollins. Perfection!

9. Primitive Calculators-The World Is Fucked

Never have you heard something as vicious and in-your-face until you’ve witnessed the sheer terror of a Prim Calcs track. Finally, after all this time…the band have gotten around to releasing a debut studio album. Its not like Australia’s been waiting over thirty years for this thing! Thankfully, the album paid off like robbing a bank vault Die Hard 3 style, both a physical and emotional pay-off. Not for a moment do the band let up, blasting our brain cells one super charged synth-punk anthem after another.

8. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys-Ready For Boredom

Another debut record, another awesome band name. You could say its a combination of the previous two entries, but you’d be wrong because the Bad Boys sound fuck all like the other two bands. Instead, they pick up where The Replacements left off on ‘Pleased to Meet Me’-emotionally charged everyman’s rock n roll. It belongs in a pub, three-schooners-down, with one eye on the rugby game in the corner and one eye on its uncertain future. However, if the band can keep churning out the hit factory and overall nice package that is ‘Ready For Boredom’, they should be sorted for a very long time.

7. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard-Float Along-Fill Your Lungs

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times-King Jizz are the Darwin Evolution theory in practice. Starting out with bare-bones ramshackle rock n roll and slowly developing into the psych rock band we now see a year and a half later. However, they never lost any of the zeal and flavour they had on the ‘Willoughby’s Beach EP’ way back when, and can still manage to excite and boner-ise with their longer stuff as they can with any two minute electric shock.

6. POND-Hobo Rocket

Its a mini-album, deal with it. It was still too awesome to leave off the list. Its over-the-top glam rock, but not as you know it. If David Bowie was gobbled by some sort of psychedelic monster, and laid to waste by a plethora of Wayne Coyne clones, then you might get something as fun, frantic and off the fucking hook as ‘Hobo Rocket’. It dodges, dips, dives, ducks and dodges between all different sorts of vibes and frequencies, a restless creature if you’ve ever heard one. And boy, does it fucking sound amazing.

5. Cut Copy-Free Your Mind

‘Free Your Mind’ can’t really be defined as a return to form because Cut Copy never lost their form (go listen to ‘Zonoscope’ again, and try to feel any inkling of disappointment). Instead, ‘Free Your Mind’ continues the Cut Copy legacy, leaping and bounding into acid-house territory. The Madchester warehouse vibes are certainly there, mingling with the indie pop sensibility that Cut Copy own so hard like I own a massive Sonic Youth poster so hard. You’ll dance, you’ll think, you’ll cry and you’ll dance again, all within the confines of ‘Meet Me in a House of Love’. Isn’t Cut Copy just the greatest invention?

4. Violent Soho-Hungry Ghost

The cover-a skeleton engulfed in flames. Now that’s how you garner some fucking attention. Or, you could just stir up some of the most heart-pounding, adrenaline-inducing, mouth-watering rock songs this side of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Most of the songs on ‘Hungry Ghost’ are anthems, no doubt about it. Try to listen to a chorus of ‘Hell FUCK YEAH!’ without forming some sort of death circle in whatever location you happen to be in. In completely unrelated news, death by moshpits have gone up 215% in nursing homes that play Triple J. But that’s not all there is to ‘Hungry Ghost’, as the team manage to cook up a couple of heart-warming surprises throughout. More delicious than an angel made of bacon.

3. Palms-Step-Brothers

I guess the reason why Palms are such a great band is because they’re doing something that’s been done so many times before, but putting such an original stamp on it, that you can’t help but do a quintuple take. That’s right, your head will spin a minimum of five times as you try to reconsider your life without Palms in it. There’s so much to swallow when listening to ‘Step Brothers’, but not in a bad way. No, going through this, you’ll be gulping through as much musical content as possible to get all that Palm-y goodness in your spirit ASAP.

2. The Gooch Palms-Novo’s

Speaking of Palms, The Gooch Palms came in with one of the strongest musical entities of the year. However, whilst Palms channel Springsteen, Goochies are all about The Ramones. Bratty, snotty punk, farted out into the willing ears of all lucky enough to listen. However, The Gooch Palms show a surprising diversity, and with the mixture of shameless pop ballads, rain-soaked bummer ear-catchers and leather-jacket FUCK YEWWW’s, you can’t feel bored, even for a second. Rock n Roll runs in the veins of Kat and Leroy and to deny them of that would mean to say that this album doesn’t make you immediately want to strip off all your clothes, run down a highway and spread the word of the Almighty Gooch.

P.S The Gooch Palms and Palms are teaming up for a tour called Palmarama, and they’re playing Oxford Arts Factory on Friday, 28th February. Miss this and perish in a pit of regret.

1. TV Colours-Purple Skies, Toxic River

Surprise, fucking surprise. The album that I can never stop blabbering about comes in at No. 1 on my list of the top Australian records of 2013. Bias aside, if you don’t like this album, then seriously, nothing can be done for you. You are a lost cause. A total travesty of a human being. This album is perfection, a lulling, mesmerising concoction of deadly riffs, lo-fi production, cheesy synths and samples, rolled into a bundle of delights that the world has never seen before. Even though Bobby Kill took two years to make this record, it was worth every minute of waiting for this fucking masterpiece. God Bless TV Colours!

Album Review: Cut Copy-Free Your Mind

Basic RGB

Cut Copy are a band like no other. They took the whole void left by The Avalanches, DJ Shadow, Boards of Canada and filled it with disco-tinged tribal beats. Whereas there was a whole ‘new rock’ scene exploding with the likes of Jet, Interpol. The Strokes etc. who’ve gone on to do great things such as break up, or release a series of semi-mediocre records to fund their drug habits, Cut Copy have continued to refine and expand their sound to extraordinary levels of amazing. Every album is consistently better than the one it precedes, with a different sound, and more energetic approach. Dan Whitford and his cohort of electronica superstars are like an ever-changing ball of mysticism, like the crux of the plot of a 70’s low-budget horror film, or the next Indiana Jones movie (R.I.P originality).

The sound that Cut Copy have decided to re-invent themselves with this time round is the deep-house and acid-jazz scene that hit its peak in the mid 90’s. Yep, they’ve done the Amazonian explorations in ‘Zonoscope’, and the disco-tinge is basically a thing of the past, so Mr. Whitford has donned his leopard spandex and tye-dye pom-poms, picked up his glowsticks and paid a visit to the seedier areas of town.  Droplets of Detroit, Bristol and Manchester can be found throughout the record, and it wouldn’t be totally amiss to think of the guys in Cut Copy all dropping a shit load of ecstasy in some dingy-lit cavernous rave.

Listening to ‘Free Your Mind’, its a hard thing to pick the best, or even favourite song of the bunch. They’re all just so fucking fantastic. However, its kinda my job to pick the best of the bunch, and explain why these are the cream of the crop, so here goes, no matter how painful a job it might be. The title track is pure bliss, a tropical cocktail soaked escape to paradise, where parrots serve you Balinese spirits in the skulls of your enemies, and Ketut from the AAMI commercials is an overlord. ‘Let Me Show You Love’ engages that weird, psychedelic mix of going down a rabbit hole after listening to trance for way too long, and ingesting way too many drugs, the result being an unsettling but alluring trippy experience that indulges your more primal sensual senses. Basically, I’m saying ‘Let Me Show You Love’ is porn for your ears.

‘Footsteps’ is another track of mental escapism, however the house is strong with this one, poison tinged female ‘ooos’ infecting the track with a luscious beauty, like if Heather Locklear were to wrap her tongue around your brain whilst the most dangerous concoction of  unhinged electronica played (SCHWING!). And ‘Meet Me In A House of Love’ brings an 80’s cheese vibe to the sex party, however its weirdly acceptable. It would be like if Prince rocked up at your house, and told you he was going to make love to everyone you’ve ever had a crush on…strangely, you’re totally okay with it, and you don’t know why, but it’s secretly sort of awesome.

Almost all fourteen of the tracks on ‘Free Your Mind’ are near, or over five minutes long, and the ones that aren’t are weird little interludes (I’m not dissing the interludes-they give the album a more measured pace, and more feeling and personality. And they’re nothing like those fucking horrible skits you’ll see on hip-hop albums). All the ‘songs’ on the record are incredibly well thought out, and executed to perfection. Each track has a different feel but flows to the next song with an exuberance and ease that you will not see in the majority of albums. Every track dances in front of your eyelids, like when you stare at the sun for too long, and the smooth, not-happy-not-sad vibes of every song make your heart melt down to pure, childish pleasure. All you can think about when listening to the album is how much you love Cut Copy and want to be inside the mind of Dan Whitford and co.

There’s a reason that Cut Copy are one of the most lauded and loved Australian bands of recent memory, and that is because they can’t put a foot wrong. They’re eclectic music tastes that combine into one slippery dip of deliciousness, the constant reinvention and progression of their music, its just too much to handle at times. The concept of freeing ones mind is so well implemented, and received, that you can’t help but let your brain disconnect into the field of Cut Copy’s beautiful music for that short while that the record is playing. On ‘Free Your Mind’, there isn’t a single terrible song-every track glistens and glows with a sticky longing, attracting the listener like a snowball rolling down a hill picking up various sticks and leaves (in this simile, the snowball is the record, and the sticks and leaves are the various steps in your drastically escalating plot to kidnap Cut Copy for personal use).

‘Free Your Mind’ will be out on November 1st, through Modular. You need this record more than you need a beating heart, I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life. This record is total perfection, and it would be a shame to be the only guy on the face of the Earth to not own a copy. So get one, and watch yourself become a better person.

Cut Copy will be coming back to Australia very soon for Future Music Festival, on the 8th of March. However, if a sweaty crowd of fake-tanned, singleted/naked twenty somethings who are trying not to act like they’ve taken way too much ecstasy is not your thing, then Cut Copy will be doing a show at Golden Plains Festival, which goes down March 8th-10th, and features a stellar lineup of Public Enemy, Flying Lotus, Yo La Tengo, and a diverse bunch of other greats.

New: Cut Copy-Free Your Mind (Spiritualized Version)

Obviously, there’s a lot of love for Cut Copy’s new record emanating from this website, from the endless frothing over their recent cult leader video, to the schizophrenic goodness of ‘Let Me Show You’. Now, Jason Pierce, aka the guy who is Spiritualized, has done his own slow-burning, cultish take on the song. It is half-horrifying, with the nails-down-chalkboard guitar drones, half-heavenly with Pierce’s vocals oozing their usual angelic tones. Pierce has managed to take the usual Cut Copy affair of fun, tribal beats meets dance rock brilliance, and turned it into a psychedelic smorgasbord to fuck with even the most messed up of minds. Beautiful stuff, absolutely gorgeous.

Video: Cut Copy-Free Your Mind

Watching the new video from Cut Copy has made me realise how much I need a doting personal assistant to check the consistency and texture of my piss for me. To provide a little more context, Alexander Skarsgård (aka the hunky dude from True Blood, and stereotypical good looking Swede) is a cult leader that learns you can’t always get what you want. Aww, how fucking sweet and…simple for a Cut Copy video? Previous videos have featured Neanderthal’s playing with floating hands, an epilepsy lawsuit waiting to happen and an orgy of sports fans, but ‘Free Your Mind’ is relatively norm-nope, wait there it is. Some seriously weird shit goes down, with imaginary basketball that Alexander somehow wins, a creepy pool where people nearly drown, and a fuck room. Yep, you read that right, there’s a fuck room in this video. Who ever said that cults were bad for you?

Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’ comes out on November 1st, on Modular.

Get Better Summer Playlist

One of my very, very good friends Summer is really sick at the moment. And that sucks. How the fuck am I supposed to enjoy myself at school with the absence of someone named after a season? She’s a great fucking person, and it sucks that she’s in this dilemma. Sure, she has her faults such as a non-ironic love for MTV reality shows, and only the recent realisation that Judaism and Islam are different religions (Yes, really) but she’s a fantastic person. I’ve got infinite amounts of respect for this woman because she was able to outlast almost everyone else in the Death Grips mosh at Big Day Out. This is a playlist for her to make her feel better, but can be applied to anyone in a similar situation of sickness. 

This playlist is made up of mostly happy tunes to get your happy vibes up, and thus ensuring the fight of red blood cells perseveres. That’s actually a load of bullshit, but there’s some jumpy punk (Wavves, Ramones), some slacker pop (Twerps, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding) and some nu-disco (Joy Boys, Wave Racer). And there’s no way you can battle illness without a bit of indie rock, so UMO, Spoon, Cut Copy and Majical Cloudz have got you covered there. Enjoy…

1. Death Grips-Get Got

2. Wavves-King of the Beach

3. The Ramones-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

4. Peking Duk-The Way You Are

5. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding-Lesbian Wife

6. The M Machine-A King Alone

7. Majical Cloudz-Turns Turns Turns

8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra-How Can U Luv Me

9. Black Lips-New Direction

10. Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun

11. Spoon-You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

12. Cosmo’s Midnight-The Dofflin

13. Wave Racer-Rock U Tonite

14. The Joy Boys-Pass It On

15. Spiderbait-Calypso

16. Boomgates-Whispering or Singing

17. Dan Deacon-Pink Batman

18. Cut Copy-Lights & Music

19. Twerps-He’s In Stock

20. The Soft Pack-C’Mon

Video: Cut Copy-Let Me Show You

DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY. Ok, this is the fan-fucking-tastic new single from Australia’s own Cut Copy. ‘Let Me Show You’ was released earlier this week when some douchebag played it at home and released it unto the internet. I call him a douchebag because he was incredibly abusive to some incredibly rare vinyl.
Anyway, this is an awesome song. It see’s the elctro-poppers shift to a house-centric sound. It’s more trippy and drippy than the usual Cut Copy stuff, but it’s still got enough chiller indie vibes to not piss off the old fans.