New: Crayon Fields – She’s My Hero


It’s been a while between drinks for Crayon Fields, specifically six years. Although frontman Geoffrey O’Connor has been steadily pumping outĀ hits like “Her Name On Every Tongue”, there’s still that yearning for some signature Crayon Fields pop. Some lulling guitars, mild shoegaze vibes, seduction incarnate – mmm yeah, been missing that for a while, hey.

It’s pretty fantastic that Crayon Fields are back. I loved their ‘All the Pleasures of the World’ record, but just like Mercy Arms or Panel of Judges, it seemed like Crayon Fields were doomed to never live past 2010, and a whole swathe of newly 18 year olds were deprived of their shimmering pop. Luckily, they’ve returned with these brief swooner, just under three minutes of unabashed, unashamed love. If any midnight love-song dedication DJ’s out there are fiending for some new material to get insomniac housewives lusty over, look no further than “She’s My Hero”.


New: Geoffrey O’Connor-Jacqueline

From the moment this track starts, ‘Jacqueline’ is a confident and engaging affair. This song grabs you from the waist with its nightclub synth, drags you to a leopard spotted shag carpet in its apartment, and proceeds to have its romantic ways all over your mind. Like most songs named after a girl, ‘Jacqueline’ is lustrously romantic, in all the good ways. Geoffrey O’Connor fortunately has a penchant for staying away from the sleaze and thankfully sways in smoky, genuine passion territory. Major bonus points for the sultry female backing vocals, and the line ‘Your nipples pointed, to the stars’. Yeah, that piqued your interest. How can someone say that without being sleazy? Guess you’ll just have to spin to this diamond-encrusted beauty all night to find out.