New From Sydney: Richard Cuthbert + Conrad Greenleaf + Grandsister + Shearin’

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Sydney sucks, but these bands don’t. I’m terrible at segues:

Richard Cuthbert – Swimming Pool

Richard Cuthbert, the former frontman of the fearless Nightwalkers, and current Richard In Your Mind shredder, has struck out on his own again with “Swimming Pool”. Whilst usually known for more psych-leaning jams, Cuthbert has obviously been spinning some 90’s slow burners, with “Swimming Pool” drawing some blood from You Am I, Something For Kate, and Bluebottle Kiss. For that, Cuthbert gets an A+.

However, he loses serious points for not promoting proper pool safety. Kids are going to watch this, okay? They’re gonna see a bunch of lunatics throwing each other into a DEATH TRAP, and think they can do the same! Not to mention the complete disregard for hygiene: someone dropped a snag in the cesspit, and you just KNOW they picked it up after the camera stopped rolling. Oh, and don’t think we’ve forgotten about the goon in the snorkel…nice try being a role-model! These next few summer months are going to be a continual state of paranoia, THANKS CUTHBERT!

Conrad Greenleaf – Modern Emotions

Another solo outing from the Richard in Your Mind camp, Conrad Greenleaf has released not just a single, but a whole album! Modern Emotions didn’t receive a lot of fanfare when it was released a few weeks back, and that’s a crock of shit, because this album is paradise. Pina-colada, Kirk Hammet-as-your-butler, John Belushi-as-your-best-friend paradise.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff on this album, a real platter: you’ve got tongue-in-cheek songs you can bring to yoga (“Conrad’s Back”, “Soundguy”), weird instrumentals from the strangest parts of the galaxy (“The Riff”, “Positive Feeling Pt. 1 & 2”) and “My Oporto Baby”, which is a track that should be thrown up next to The Castle and Gough Whitlam’s sculling abilities as national treasures that the rest of the world wouldn’t understand.

Grandsister – Headlights

Hedge Fund made one of the better indie rock tunes of this year with “Look Who’s Back”, however their frontman Will Colvin also goes under the electro-pop guise Grandsister. Reared on the best material of Royksopp and New Order (Melody A.M and Power, Corruption and Lies, FYI), “Headlights” swaps from minimal stings of keyboard to a racing thump, all the while thoroughly grounded by the incredible guest vocals of Sarah Belkner.

Shearin’ – Sydney 

“There’s something lately that I’ve come to see/ you’re not a great place to be/ Sydney, why are you in your decline?”. 25 seconds is all it takes to come to this conclusion, and look, I’m surprised it took that long. Sydney sucks right now – the only people you see out and about these days either want to bash your head in, or a bunch of yuppies that’ll slit your throat and then flip your family for the life insurance.

Shearin’, formerly Bad Jeep, have moved into a bid more a taut post-punk territory like a pissed off Peter Bibby. A single guitar gritting its teeth, angrier than a Bulldogs supporter in bad traffic. Despite the pile of shit heaping up, “Sydney” stands up with defiance, proudly calling a piece of shit and piece of shit, and slots Shearin’ in well with other minimal local punks like HANNAHBAND.