New: GLOSS-Prey (Demo)

One of the first bands to really signify a shift from Sydney’s ‘safe indie rock’ scene, to something much more dangerous and unpredictable, was Sydney’s Circle Pit. Although there was a constantly revolving group of backup musicians, the core duo of Jack Mannix and Angela Garrick¬†always stayed strong and true.

Well, Circle Pit is dead, long live GLOSS! They’ve traded their days of harsh punk music for synths and loops, but lost none of the vicious snarl that made them so instantly attractive. Instead of harking to the sound of The Replacements living out of a sewer, their new image jettisons on the visage of a cracked out Chrome.

Their first track, ‘Prey’ is like the finest of 80’s action heroes, un-smiling and unafraid. It stares into the eyes of the abyss with a smirking gaze that would make the T-2000 shit its pants. ‘Prey’ is a droning, undead construction of noisy, flinch-inducing post-punk, daring anyone to question its razor-sharp authority. It oozes with undulating misery, going full-Dementor within a few bars.

The apocalypse is here people, and it comes in the form of a plague – the plague of GLOSS!


Drown Under-Suger Daddy

Pretty potent Sydney based rock n roll on display here, from the Pixies-meets-Pissed Jeans band Drown Under. These guys are an immortal combination of members from the bands Circle Pit, Whores, Housewives, Snotty Babies and Ghastly Spats. Do you see the recurring theme of cynical gothy punk bands? The result of this is ‘Sugar Daddy’, a Sonic Youth Goo-era piece of nihilstic sexy black punk. It’s got overtly Australian vocals, a mind melting guitar solo, and a bass line more acidic than a Butthole Surfers show. ‘The boys get busy, while the girls get high/freak show, death row every night’ is an example of the super cool, black lipstick smudged lunacy to be heard. To quote the Dandy Warhols (who are the exact opposite of Drown Under) it’s as cool as Kim Deal.