Video: Fascinator-Girl I Want

Hands down the weirdest and greatest thing that has interrupted your life with the full force of a thousand cobras biting your butt hole. ‘Girl I Want’ is the newly wonderful track from Fascinator, Lord of the Strange, also known as Johnny from Children Collide. But leave your presumptions at the door and check into the mental hospital mind of Fascinator, as a tantalising spray of multicoloured belly-button faces assault you. But wait there’s more! A satanic desert riff plunges over this, as an elephant bellow drums into the conscience during the chorus. There’s even a fucking harp loop in there! WHAT! This video manages to capture the insanely fun level of zany that is Fascinator, and that is no mean feat.


Video: Fascinator-Summer Dream

If you thought Dune Rats ‘Red Light Green Light (Green Version)’ was funny, wait til you see them in the latest video from Johnny McKay’s (from Children Collide) latest project, Fascinator. Riveted by a sonic, wavering psychedelic slice, it warbles with poignancy, and actually comes across as quite unaffected and smiling. Meanwhile, in the video, the Dunies blow bubbles, dance around in slow motion in multi-coloured outfits picked up from a thrift shop in exchange for acid, and try their hardest not to act high in Central Park, New York. It’s pretty great.