Top 5 Records w/ Chicks Who Love Guns

Chicks Who Love Guns have a band name that both references a relatively obscure old movie, and an indicator that their sound is probably going to explode in your face like a Jack in the Box packed with dynamite. They’ve just released a killer new single that’ll shred you to pieces harder than the tree shredder in Fargo. It’s called ‘In The Deep End’, but it more closely resembles being chucked off a cliff (in a good way).

On the topic of their name, it refers to a scene in the criminally underrated ‘Jackie Brown’ by Quentin Tarantino, when old mates Robert De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson watch a bunch of bikini clad models try and sell machine guns.

Since CWLG are top blokes and they obviously have a good taste in music and movies, they wrote down their Top 5 Movie Soundtracks for us. Cheers!


Overall my favourite Soundtrack would have to be Vangelis’s score to ‘Bladerunner’. I think it can hard to separate an instrumental soundtrack from its visual context but Vangelis does an amazing job  of  both capturing and  accentuating the emotional tone of the whole film as well as just being an amazing piece of standalone music. Last year I also got to see this soundtrack being performed by a full orchestra at the Sydney Opera house whilst I was mega blazed and needless to say that shit was mind blowing and definitely cemented this soundtrack as awesome in my brain.



Suspiria is my favourite Dario Argento film, he often works with a band called Goblin. Their score for Suspira is bodacious, this track specifically is very haunting and builds into this fucked up all out jam. The start reminds me of what could be an intro to a black metal album or something.



I picked up the Friday soundtrack for a couple bucks at a record store in Tokyo. Not thinking much of it at the time, I now realise how sweet of a random purchase it was. Lots of great mid-90s hip hop in the vein of Ice Cube and Dre but the real gems are tracks like Super Hoes by Funkdoobiest (A song about fictional characters getting up to hood shit “Cyclops, Wolverine and The Nightcrawler, went to a bar yo they had dollars, rolled an impala hittin all switches while Richie Rich Riches, pulls all the bitches”) there’s also this killer old sappy soul song called I Wanna Get Next To You by Rose Royce. There’s the Isley Brothers and Bootsy Collins, but my favourite track off this delicious soundtrack is Mary Jane by Rick James. I’ve been on a huge Rick James tip since the first time I spun side C of this record – did you know that J.Lo took the vocal melody from Rick for the Ja Rule song “I’m Real” ?  Well, now ya know.



From the opening instrumental of the Twin Peaks theme, right through to the theme again with Julee Cruise’s accompanied haunting vocals, this whole soundtrack is killer. I’m a big fan of all of Angelo Badalmenti’s film scores, but this one in particular is flawless. With jazz-style tracks that feature smooth double-bass lines, snare brushing and sax combinations, contrasted then with brooding organ and pan-flute dynamics, it is as a whole fairly mellow, yet totally unnerving. The TV series only provides you with snippets, but when listening to the tracks in full you get taken to some pretty weird places. At times the eeriness of it all corners you somewhere in a dark forest Laura Palmer style, while at other times it makes you want to moonwalk in slow-mo and click at attractive people.



So, I had a bit of a hard time picking a favourite soundtrack. After a while of thinking about it I decided to go with maybe, a more recent favourite than an all-time. A choice I’m verrry ok with though. The Drive soundtrack is awash with tasty synth oriented, moody pop tunes. A lot of people are pretty aware of the first track off the CD ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky which is undoubtably awesome, but is still just a piece of what makes this whole soundtrack so great. Setting the pace, the soundtrack glues the whole film together with it’s cohesiveness. These carefully picked tracks are what make Drive so dark and transient. Eerie while soft and affectionate. Different to most of the other tunes on there, this one still stands as one of my favourites.






Video: Chicks Who Love Guns-The Deep End

Besides winning the title for best obscure Quentin Tarantino-related band name, Chicks Who Love Guns also release some fucking killer tunes. New one ‘The Deep End’ is no exception, a thick slab of rock in the vein of….well, fuck mate, I don’t know. The similarities escape me at the moment, but its interesting to see that CWLG have traded out the throat rippers for meanderings in the countryside. Don’t worry young ones, there’s still plenty of thrashing and guitars melting into each other like a volcano of different ice cream flavours, all of which explode into your mouth at the same time. But the fact remains that CWLG are diversifying their style, yet still commandeering the fuck out of our attention. Good fucking choon!

Ryan’s Bloody Ripper Gig List

If you’re in Sydney, and need to see a good gig over the weekend, then hit up one of these:



-Heads of Charm, Narrow Lands, Beast & Flood, Palmar Grasp @ The Square ($10)

-The Mess Up! feat. Chicks Who Love Guns, Gazar Strips (QLD), Bad Jeep @ The Lansdowne

-The Sitffys, WAWAWOW @ The Marlborough Hotel



-Ivy Street, Mere Women, Yes, I’m Leaving @ The Square

-Salad Boys, East River, Mope City, Ali E @ Captain Cook Hotel

-Friendships, Embassy, Phondupe, Twin Caverns, World Champion @ Oxford Art Factory



-Heads of Charm, Sour Cream, Gazar Strips, Burlap, Katnip @ The Captain Cook Hotel

-Salad Boys, Driffs, Bachelor Pad, Shrapnel @ FBi Social

-World Champion @ Tokyo Sing Song

-Ernest Ellis, Shining Bird @ St Stephens Uniting Church, Newtown

Playlist: Australian Artists to Watch in 2014 (January Playlist)

Alright, two things.

1. I realise I’ve been pretty shitty about getting out the monthly playlists of songs that you don’t give a fuck about. Frankly, I haven’t been listening to all that much new stuff, just old school Mogwai, The Triffids and this band that Guy from Chapter Music was raving about called The Plants (check ’em they’re rad). So, consider this a January playlist.

2. A bunch of musical related things like the NME have been raving about bands they reckon will explode this year. Honestly, I don’t really give a fuck about Temples or Sam Smith or whatever bullshit Justin Vernon rip-off project is occurring. Now, I wanna talk about some homegrown talent that is sure to lay siege to your brains in this new year.

Before I get stuck in, I’d like to prefix this by saying I didn’t include bands that have had stellar years in 2013. No Palms, or Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys or Bad//Dreems, or anything like that. Definitely no Courtney Barnett after the outrageous (but certainly earned) amounts of praise.  The following bands and artists are ones that came on the verge of hitting big in 2013, but saved up their magic for what is sure to be a stellar following year. Get used to these names-some of them will begin to dominate Triple J, or at least your community radio station, some will begin to invade your hometown with shows, and some will break up, and it’ll be like they never existed. However, all are incredibly, incredibly good, and they’re only at a sapling phase. In 2014, watch these bad boys and girls grow into behemoths of the Australian music scene.

1. Go Violets

2. The Stevens

3. ScotDrakula

4. The Clits

5. Blood Plastic

6. Adults

7. Destiny 3000

9. Multiple Man

10. Circular Keys

11. Tincture


13. Cull

14. You Beauty

15. The Creases

16. Driffs

17. Bloods

18. Chicks Who Love Guns

19. The Frowning Clouds

20. Mining Boom

New: Chicks Who Love Guns-Guilt Tripper

Finally, Chicks Who Love Guns have more material to make our ear holes bleed and scream for more. One of Sydney’s best bands, their music is an irresistible blend of hurricane-force grunge trauma and slicked back punk rock, a sound that will undoubtedly turn one into a raging psychopath within the first couple of listens.

Surprisingly, ‘Guilt Tripper’ is more of a reserved affair, at least for Chicks Who Love Guns. The tripping bass, the musing verses, the lack of aggression…it seems unlike of Chicks Who Love Guns. But then the chorus hits ‘And all I know, is what I’m paid to know!’, and everything is right again in the world.

‘Guilt Tripper’ is fantastic, because it shows that the band are growing more and more comfortable in their song-writing skins. It was never doubted that Chicks Who Love Guns could shred, but as ‘Guilt Tripper’ and previous single, ‘Pencil Neck’ are proving, these dudes can both tear your head off, and patch it up again.

Video: Chicks Who Love Guns-Pencil Neck

Shit on a stick surrounded by a moat of marshmallows, this is a great way to end a night. Brand new clip/song from Sydney thrash punks Chicks Who Love Guns. Fuck, these guys rock so hard, it’s like The Flintstones meets Slayer. Nihilistic punk-grunge at its sludgiest, Chicks Who Love Guns live up to their name. No, unfortunately they aren’t literally ladies rockin’ out bazookas, but they are pretty fucking explosive band anyway, so that covers the ‘guns’ part of the title. And if you have a baked bean fetish, then I guess you could call this new video sexy, which crosses off the ‘girls’ part. So, through the power of false logic, Chicks Who Love Guns are roughly morphed into their new clip. Despite the fact that makes close to zero sense, I guarantee you’ll have trouble not humming the chorus of ‘Goddamit!’ all week.