New Electronica Music: Oscar Key Sung + SBTRKT + Cashmere Cat

If you listen to all three of these songs in a row, you’ll actually slip into a chillwave coma. So make sure you put on some Slayer between tracks. Safety first.

Oscar Key Sung-Holograms

Oscar Key Sung has been inching towards the release of a new EP, and with each individual snippet of the EP, I salivate just that much more. ‘All I Could Do’ made me jizz buckets, but ‘Holograms’ has made me upgrade to the carcass of a blue whale, as it’s the only thing that could detain my seed.

On ‘Holograms’, OKS proves himself to be like some sort of sensitive R. Kelly. Those floaty vocals charging in front of the wispy synths, and bobbing bass licks? It makes me want to cry, laugh, vomit, and cry with all the emotions of the rainbow. One word description: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.


SBTRKT-Hold the Line

BOOOOM! SHAKALAKA! BADOOOSH! MICHAEL BAY! So! many! explosion! sounds! It’s a new one from SBTRKT, you know that electronic dude behind the mask? No, that’s Deadmau5. No, you’re thinking of Daft Punk. The guy who did a bunch of collaborations, with people like Jessie Ware and Little Dragon? He’s really good? Yeah, ‘Wildfire’ guy!

Anyway, there’s a new song, an instrumental that got world premiered on BBC radio, which means there’s about 40 seconds of bullshit before there’s A NEW SBTRKT SONG! As expected, it’s a glittery, subteranean track that jettisons into all sorts of emotional pathlines. Glory! Happiness! Doubt! Depression! It’s all there, in the song, in the music, man!


Cashmere Cat-Wedding Bells

And now, for a triumphant finale! A new one from Cashmere Cat. On a sour side, listening to this makes me swell with regret and melancholy that I didn’t see him at Laneway or his sideshows. Man, imagine listening to this song live! Those thundering drops that elevate into some sort of Amazonian pan-flute magic, with aerodynamic drums collapsing on all sides. It’s like living in an Indiana Jones temple that’s run by the disciples of TLC!


New: Cashmere Cat-With Me

Yes, the king of subtle chilltronica is back, the first taste of original material since he launched his Mirror Maru EP a while back. ‘With Me’ is a beautifully intrepid track that explores itself, like a curious dog. There’s a lot of shit going on here, but the magic of Cashmere Cat is that he doesn’t overblow the production and make it obvious. Even the epic parts, where the drums hit almighty peaks, sound as though they’re just meandering along at a logical pace. A fucking great song, ‘With Me’ is definitely going to be a favourite when Cashmere Cat rocks up for Laneway in February.

October Playlist

It’s October. Who gives a fuck? You should, because that means you’ll get to check out a bunch of brand new tunes and a couple oldies that I can’t wrap my head around. Because it’s the month of Lucifer, it seems only natural to focus on the darker side side of things. There’s Hermitude’s ‘The Villan’, new stuff from Mind Spiders and sludgy punk awesomeness from Zig Zags and Boneyards. Oh, and where would society be without a little Pantera? But never fear, there’s still plenty of sweetness (no pun intended, fuck puns) with Cashmere Cat, Casiotone for the Painfull Alone, and Little May, as well as some brand new ones from Wildcat General Strike and Popstrangers. Fuck Yeah!

1. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-Goodbye Parthenon

2. Mind Spiders-Make Make Make Make

3. TV Colours-Bad Dreams

4. The Stevens-Hindsight

5. Simian Mobile Disco-I Believe

6. Indian Summer-Foreign Formula

7. Cashmere Cat-Mirror Maru

8. Little May-Hide

9. Bus Vipers-Orby

10. Popstrangers-Rats in the Palm Trees

11. HAIM-My Song 5

12. Regurgitator-Fuck You Sweetness

13.Boneyards-Vega Chain

14. Pantera-Cowboys From Hell

15. Zig Zags-Who Can You Trust

16. Hermitude-The Villain

17. Bodhi-Imperfection

18. Panama-Always

19. Wildcat General Strike-Ida

20. Natural Child-The Jungle