New: The Rangoons – A Postcard From Rangoon Island

Hardly anything about this album makes sense – The Rangoons are entirely unpredictable in the truest sense of the word. Absolutely anything can appear, popping up like a gopher to look around quizzically, only to replaced just as quickly with another furry monstrosity. This quality, along with the fact that all three members have put in the hard yards in a few of Sydney’s most unique projects, has made The Rangoons a group worthy of rabid adoration.

Formed between Emma Ramsay (Holy Balm), Ela Stiles (Roamin’ Catholics, Songs, Bushwalking) and Jay Cruikshank (Home Run), The Rangoons resemble something far different than the aforementioned projects. There’s no real ‘thing’ that overlaps the recordings on this tape – it jumps around, a schizophrenic pogostick of ideas being mashed together in a blender of mushy genres.

The opening six minutes of “The Bath of Rangoon Island” utilises spindly guitars, perky flutes and riffs upon a stream-of-conscious that recalls a forgotten TV adventure show from the 60’s, albeit one more in lieu with the delirious strangeness Danger 5 or Saul of the Mole Men.

“Two Minds” and “Crimewave” follow – more traditional rock affairs, although the word ‘traditional’ fits in the same way that ‘family man’ would be used to describe Charles Manson. Throttling disortion, tribal chants, and lyrical ridiculousness are all par for the course. The tape finishes with the two-for-one deal of “Lunatic/Shadow”, which transforms from tickling, ambivalent pop to a speedy, crunchy thwack of amateur adrenaline. Best of all, there’s some truly disturbing words recited here (“Ela said she’d get me a gun/She knows I’m not well/Then I’ll shoot that boy in the leg/When he comes to ring your bell DING DONG!”) but they’re delivered with such joyful ambivalence, it inspires the urge to giggle rather than call a mental health line. For a band who have only been around a short time, and played a handful of shows, The Rangoons debut material is surprisingly well-rounded, exotic, and most importantly, interesting as hell.

Buy the tape from Paradise Daily Bandcamp here


Halloween Playlist

Because today is Halloween, and I’m apt to the same themed article bullshit that every website does on holidays, I’ve compiled a list of great fucking Halloween tracks. However, unlike last year, where I just pulled out any old song that had a slightly Hallooween-esque title (which explains the inclusion of Bombay Bicycle Club), this year I’ve gone about compiling some actual decent tracks. These are song that you can play at party-they’re cool and sound good. However, in keeping with the them of this holiday, they’re a bit off kilter, a little bit kooky. Ryan, you’re making me blush you crazy kid! I haven’t gone for the all out abysmal industrial tracks, so there’s no trace of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry or Killing Joke, and I haven’t gone in the other direction either, with Drake and Lil Jon. Its stuff like The Drones, Bushwalking and At The Drive-In. There’s some newer stuff like Blood Plastic and HUNTERS, but this list mostly hangs in the ‘classics’ territory-Boys Next Door, Dead Moon, Kyuss etc. Enjoy! And do something tonight that you’ll regret in the morning, like a naughty hook-up, a tattoo or enslaving a small nation!

1. Blood Plastic-King Blood

2. The Boys Next Door-Shivers

3. Danzig-Evil Thing

4. The Drones-The Minotaur

5. Dead Moon-It’s OK

6. Bushwalking-No Enter

7. Queens of the Stone Age-The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

8. These New South Whales-Take the Stab

9. Thee Oh Sees-The Dream

10. At the Drive-In-Invalid Litter Dept.

11. Kyuss-One Inch Man

12. Dro Carey-Sanotarium

13. Forces-Overland (In My Mind)

14. The KVB-Dayzed

15. The Horrors-New Ice Age

16. Liars-Plaster Casts of Everything

17. Savages-Flying to Berlin

18. HUNTERS-Narcissist

19. DZ Deathrays-Cops Capacity

20. METZ-Wet Blanket

Video: Angie-Parallels

Imagine if Gwen Stefani dropped between 100-200 hits of acid, together. Just got a few sheets of acid, scrunched them up and threw them down her gullet, no water, no nothing. What would the result be? This video. This video would be the result. The ‘this’ in question is the video from Sydney based punk-queen Angie Bermuda, a woman who’s been in a shitload of everyone’s favourite bands. Straight Arrows, Circle Pit and Ruined Fortune are just a couple of the bands on her resume, all of which rule harder than Hyrule.

However, Angie has decided to strike out on her own, armed only with Nathan Roche and Owen Penglis for some instrumental/vocal help. And a couple days ago, Angie dropped this first single. Well, if ‘Parallels’ is any sort of indication, then ‘Turning’ is going to be better than riding Wolverine to school. Scuzzed out, scummy, and drowning in bright colour, ‘Parallels’ is like something Kim Gordon would have churned out back in the days when Sonic Youth were at their loudest and best (Think ‘Confusion is Sex’).

You can catch Angie playing support for Bushwalking’s album launch at the Red Rattler, this Friday (11th October). Both bands, as well as Eyelash Vipers and Rat Columns, will blow your fucking mind harder than a telekinetic pornstar.

Album Review: Bushwalking-No Enter


Well, Bushwalking have just released their sophomore album ‘No Enter’, and to say it will blow your eyelids off their hinges is an understatement. This is simply a magnificent piece of artwork. From start to finish, ‘No Enter’ retains a enraptured mystic approach that can’t help but seduce you. The inspired minds  of Ela Stiles (Songs), Karl Scullin (Kes Band) and Ninsa Venerosa (Fabulous Diamonds) combine in such a way with their unique and fantastic talents, that the result could be nothing less than exemplary. ‘No Enter’ exceeds the expectations of a bright album from bright people, and enters the rare territory of fuck-that’s-amazing.

Listening to Bushwalking is literally like walking through a jungle. Every twist and turn brings something new and completely baffling. When you first enter the forest, a sparkly fairy tale known as ‘No Men’ is what greets you. A strange, small creature, it twists around your little finger like a small snake, embracing you comfortably. The album then progresses to a sunny glade, acoustic and experimental tones echoing on the next couple tracks, before settling in weirdo pixie guitar territory on ‘Neetneeves Eno’. I should probably mention that I mean pixie as in the mythical creature, similar to a sprite or wood nymph, and not one of the greatest bands of all time.

Things then take a turn for the rest of the album. The next point I’m about to make is what turned ‘No Enter’ from an average album for me, into an album of extraordinary proportions. The album gets really dark, and begins to tear at the fabric of sanity, showing a total slide into decline of the sunny vibes that introduced the album. The second half of ‘No Enter’ starts by easing the listener into the depths, not quite submersing you, but definitely nudging you towards the edge. The album takes a slight upwards direction for the positive on the fantastic ‘High Hogs’, but for the most part, it is all one step closer to Bushwalking’s hell.  ‘Land Lols’ (I’m 90% sure they’re not referencing the acronym Laughing Out Loud….90% sure) is a chanting disorient, and a few tracks later, on title track ‘No Enter’, a bass line seethes, whilst the listener plunges into a headlong spiral towards Bushwalking’s confidently gloomy sound. Couple this subtle but well delivered angst with an absolutely killer finish on ‘Green Light’, and you’ve got an album that commands your attention.

I already knew about Bushwalking from their previous album (Oh, I’m such a silly lil’ hipster!), but ‘No Enter’ sees them progress to a new level of amazing. The tension that the band can hold with their music, whilst allowing Ela Stiles voice to waft and conquer is jaw-dropping. ‘No Enter’ is a feat of the imagination, brushing up fond memories in the beginning of the album, and unlocking dark secrets in the latter. The band are at their best when they unleash their torrents of sound, and build off one another, but any Bushwalking is good Bushwalking. This statement applies both to the band and the activity. Go outside and fucking smell some nature!

*Deadpan voice* ‘No Enter’ is out on Friday, 6th September. There will be a tour to support this release. On Friday, October 11th, Bushwalking will be playing The Red Rattler for $10. It will be better than your usual Friday that revolves around baked beans and masturbating. *End deadpan voice*

New: Bushwalking-High Hogs

The drama and brutal sass is increased to exponential levels on this new Bushwalking track. Think Cloud Control possessed by Evil Oprah Winfrey. Weird and juggulatory sounds explode from the guitar, chewing through razor blade gum with fierce concentration and joy. Distorted and peaceful, Bushwalking play music that is delivered in nutcrushing complexity, but also appeals to even the most simple of minds. The ending of ‘High Hogs’, with the plateau of Antarctic sound is especially amazing. Looking forward to their upcoming album ‘No Enter’ very much.