Video: Blood Plastic – Jesus Is Not A Joke

This is a video that features SPOD flying around as Jesus. Why haven’t you pressed play? Oh, and it features a Blood Plastic song. It’s really good stuff. Have you still not pressed play?


Video: Blood Plastic – Hi Mom

As the missiles are let loose from the belly of a flying death machine, rolling drum beats and gluttonous reverb-drenched guitar wring out. That is both the sound of goth-tinged guitar rock perfection, and the sound of Blood Plastic’s new track ‘Hi Mom’. Although armed with a deceptively bright title, Blood Plastic are soaked in some sort of X-Files episode in which there’s a planet where everyone has depression all the time and can play their instruments really well.

The track meanders to a lot of places, with interstellar keys whistling out over sprawling guitars trying to fuck themselves into a weirder sound, but things are always brought back to a semi-tame place that sounds like Divine Fits drawing from the Cure. Breathless and intoxicating, ‘Hi Mom’, is just as deadly as getting hit by one of those missiles.

Halloween Playlist

Because today is Halloween, and I’m apt to the same themed article bullshit that every website does on holidays, I’ve compiled a list of great fucking Halloween tracks. However, unlike last year, where I just pulled out any old song that had a slightly Hallooween-esque title (which explains the inclusion of Bombay Bicycle Club), this year I’ve gone about compiling some actual decent tracks. These are song that you can play at party-they’re cool and sound good. However, in keeping with the them of this holiday, they’re a bit off kilter, a little bit kooky. Ryan, you’re making me blush you crazy kid! I haven’t gone for the all out abysmal industrial tracks, so there’s no trace of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry or Killing Joke, and I haven’t gone in the other direction either, with Drake and Lil Jon. Its stuff like The Drones, Bushwalking and At The Drive-In. There’s some newer stuff like Blood Plastic and HUNTERS, but this list mostly hangs in the ‘classics’ territory-Boys Next Door, Dead Moon, Kyuss etc. Enjoy! And do something tonight that you’ll regret in the morning, like a naughty hook-up, a tattoo or enslaving a small nation!

1. Blood Plastic-King Blood

2. The Boys Next Door-Shivers

3. Danzig-Evil Thing

4. The Drones-The Minotaur

5. Dead Moon-It’s OK

6. Bushwalking-No Enter

7. Queens of the Stone Age-The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

8. These New South Whales-Take the Stab

9. Thee Oh Sees-The Dream

10. At the Drive-In-Invalid Litter Dept.

11. Kyuss-One Inch Man

12. Dro Carey-Sanotarium

13. Forces-Overland (In My Mind)

14. The KVB-Dayzed

15. The Horrors-New Ice Age

16. Liars-Plaster Casts of Everything

17. Savages-Flying to Berlin

18. HUNTERS-Narcissist

19. DZ Deathrays-Cops Capacity

20. METZ-Wet Blanket