Video(s): Cut Copy + Lune + Cheatahs + Pony Time + Bleeding Rainbow

Fuck you man, I don’t need to give you an introduction. What’s an introduction anyway? A bunch of meaningless paragraphs that somehow seamlessly move the reader from watching pornography into becoming concerned and intrigued with the continued article. Nah, I won’t waste your time with such a pathetic epithet.

Cut Copy-We Are Explorers

It’s becoming an expected thing that Cut Copy will unveil some crazy cool shit every time they do something, and all music fans loins grow in longing. In this Internet age, when even our dear Clive Palmer is susceptible to bullshit fads like twerking, and the majority of music festivals will grab any act with over a million views on Youtube (case in point: almost the entire Soundwave and Big Day Out lineups, which are either nostalgia or bullshit based), you can always trust Cut Copy to do something progressive and heartwarmingly zany. This time, it’s in the form of an animated 3D printed music video, whatever the fuck that means. It kinda looks like ET’s jizz became sentient, but hey, no judgement when its Cut Copy.


Lune-Made of Steel

This video came out ages ago, but its just getting its Australian premier now. The singer on the inescapable track of 2010 aka ‘Teenage Crime’ has gone out on her own, spreading those good ol’ Swedish vibes to wider audiences for the benefit of everyone alive and dead. The video is bascially a pissed off lady that thought it was going to be really cold outside, and then stepped into a heaps warm room. You’ll understand what I mean when you see those cardigans begin to shed.


Cheatahs-Get Tight

I love Cheatahs, especially their song ‘The Swan’, so it was a mad dolla bill shame when their debut record kinda remained placid and unmoving. However, in small and particular doses, the record can be really entertaining. Case in point: ‘Get Tight’. Shoegaze meets sonic punk for a cataclysmic explosion of fuzz and Jesus and Mary Chain fanboy orgasms. The video further accentuates the point by collapsing a bunch of ball-tripping images, overloading the acid factor and regurgitating as much hazy, bright colours as a machine is capable of producing. Whatever you do, don’t watch this whilst under the influence of anything. Or do, I’m not your mum.


Pony Time-Hippy Shit

How fucking great is a title like ‘Hippy Shit’? Growing your hair long, smoking way too many bongs, dreamily arguing about bullshit politics and contributing absolutely nothing to a social situation…man, it’s good to be a hippie. None of that occurs in the video for the new-ish Pony Time single, which is basically a Super 8 tour diary set to dirty nu-grunge.


Bleeding Rainbow-So You Know

Bleeding Rainbow are like A Place to Bury Strangers crossed with Speedy Ortiz, and mastered by Kim Deal. Sweet, barbershop garage music that’s constantly propelled by furious guitars. The video is kind of cool, but the song is way better. I mean, what would you prefer: artsy, vintage materials being filmed in close-up or something that gives your adrenaline a hard on?