New: Black Springs – Burden (of Jealousy)


From Sydney’s own underrated jangle masters Black Springs comes a song that was purpose made to soundtrack middle-aged Jeff Bridges movies. It’s a lolling, eyes-shut tune, somewhere between Wilco and The Cannanes, alt-country tinged dad rock brought to life by a bunch of 20 somethings. Aren’t contradictions wonderful?


New: Black Springs – Time To Go 7″

Oi, what are you up to tomorrow, you bloody drongo? Nothing? Well, you’d have to be a dickhead on par with the guy that didn’t get Netflix as soon as it became available in Australia to not head along to Black Springs’ launch of their new 7″.

In case you’re not reading this on Wednesday the 25th of March, 2015, and time travel hasn’t been invented yet (or has it? Doc, you got some ‘splainin to do bruh) then make sure you check out this 7″ and picture yourself throwing down a Resch’s at the Union to its’ sweet sounds. Somewhere between The Moles and The Hummingbirds, both sides of this 7″ are heavenly guitar-pop, the kind of thing that de-stressed your mind easier than a lemon detox and a Xanax overdose.

Make sure you check Black Springs play on Thursday the 26th, with Mope City and Miners. Free show. The Union Hotel. It’s the dream team, baby.