New: Jonti vs Big Scary-Slumming It In Paradise (free download)

Big Scary’s sophomore album ‘Not Art’ was apparently inspired into a more hip-hop direction, so listening to this new single and collaboration with Sydney based producer Jonti makes a lot of sense. ‘Slumming It In Paradise’ is a heavenly slice of smoothly abrasive hip-hop, lovely but dangerous vocals daggering next to a jumbled piano line, and unsheathed synth waves that lie on the bass end of the spectrum. ‘Slumming It In Paradise’ is unsettled and ruffled like a James Bond girl-you’d like to think it’d fuck you, but your probably a lot closer to getting stabbed then you think. Oh well, at least you’ll enjoy the last few minutes of life, being seduced by the hottest thing you’ve ever heard before slipping into death.


Video: Big Scary-Luck Now

I’m very excited for the upcoming Big Scary album. The first teaser, ‘Phil Collins’, and now ‘Luck Now’, it’s shaping up to be looking like a highly personal, bare-bones and beautiful record. The proof of what will undoubtedbly be a great record is in the above video for ‘Luck Now’. Despite the optimistic name, the song cascades with lost forlorn, washed out and bleached to a dire pain. It features a ticking drumbeat, delicate piano, and a very artsy clip that is strangely intoxicating. Just going to reiterate: I’m very excited for the new album.