New: Big Dingo – Outback Golf


Big Dingo emerged in 2014, played a handful of gigs, put out a tape, and then promptly broke up. Which sucks, because “Parramatta Man” is a stone-cold classic. But just like their (assumed) team, the Eels, you can throw all the shit you like at them…they’re gonna come back out onto the field and take out three Premierships in a row. Starting from now, there’s going to be three years of Grand Final Winning albums from Big Dingo, followed by thirty years of brutal losses. Hey, life ain’t a fairytale. Enjoy the glory while it lasts.

“Outback Golf” is the first take from the upcoming debut from Big Dingo – it’s got a brighter pop direction than their previous EP. Bubbling guitars dribble next to tocking percussion, whilst Charles Buddy Daaboul reminisces in that thoroughly Australian way of his – name checking meat pies and wombat poo within a few sentences of each other.

Catch the singlet-clad trio tomorrow night – they’re playing a free show at The Newtown Social Club, with The Cathys and Abigail and Daisy! They’ll also be launching “Outback Golf”, with Solid Effort in support, at The Vic on September 4th. Get along to at least 1 (one) of these shows!


Video: Big Dingo-Parramatta Man

Big Dingo are, like You Beauty, a band pretty obsessed with their footy. Featuring Charles Buddy Daaboul, a previous member of one of Sydney’s best bands No Art (RIP), the band are a lot more refined and down-tempo than you’d expect from a band who jut can’t stop making footy references. There’s the lovely slime and slumber of the, ‘Swim like an eel in the river, mate’ which manages to be iterated in the most interesting and heartfelt of ways that a sentence with the word eel in it could. Even though I’m a Manly supporter, ‘Parramatta Man’ is one of those beautiful tunes that manages to rub up against your shoulder in the best way possible, outside of a scrum. Also, Souths get shitkicked in the video, which is a plus. Fuck the Rabbits.

You can catch Big Dingo launching their cassette at Black Wire this Friday, 11 April, along with Lovely Head and Neck of the Woods.