New: Major Leagues-Silver Tides

Well, well, well Major Leagues are back and better than ever, and this time, they’re bringing shoegaze to the fold of their gorgeous, sunshine-pop. Imagine if the sun was bent and flipped into a dangerous wavelength that shimmered like some sort of Pokemon special move-that’s how ‘Silver Tides’ starts off. But as the song progresses and those beautiful vocals and catchy guitar emerges out of the waves of echo, then you know you’re back to classic Major Leagues, and all is right in the world. Seeing the band get a little outside of their usual format is refreshing and it sounds fucking fantastic, so, to quote Stephen Malkmus of Pavement, bring on the Major Leagues.


New: Best Coast-I Don’t Know How

Well, thank all that is holy in this world, Best Coast are back to doing what they do best: making music to laugh and cry to. ‘I Don’t Know How’ starts as a beautiful, last waltz kinda track that sways with total majesty, before reverting into an upbeat rocker. There’s still the close to home longing in Beth Consentino’s vocals that we’re used to, but it sounds a lot more accessible to anyone that just happened to tune into the radio than some of Best Coast’s older stuff. But overall, wow, what a stunner of a track.

Video: Go Violets-Wanted

Brand spanking new track from Brisbane dream-pop darlings Go Violets. Fuck, this is an astonishingly beautiful track. It’s so luscious and there isn’t a moment in the whole thing that doesn’t sound spot-on amazing. Despite traversing the same old road as the majority of the other dream-pop bands of broken romance, Go Violets outdo their contemporaries Blouse and Best Coast, and are absolutely killing it on ‘Wanted’.

Go Violets are playing September 14 at Good God, with SURES. I guarantee this is going to be one of the better Saturday nights of your year.