PREMIERE: Roomates – Stay With Me / Burnt Down


It’s almost become common knowledge around these parts that Beko Disques, the micro-label out of France, does a better job of representing great Australian music than local labels. How some bloke from the other side of the world has managed to spit out releases from obscure but brilliant Aussies like TEES, PILLS, Day Ravies, and more is a complete mystery.

The spot-on musical recommendations are still coming thick and fast from Beko, with the latest announcement of their latest artist Roomates. The solo project from Melbourne’s Jake Lanyon, these bedroom recordings are miles ahead of the usual “mere bedroom recordings”, loaded with inherently sorrow vocals that scrape over bare bones guitar. Skeletal and simple, “Stay With Me” and “Burnt Down” are terrific examples of blissful content and raw pain laying side by side. Do yourself a favour, and get yourself familiar with Roomates.


PREMIERE: Mallee Songs – Water

You plebeians have all heard of Beko Disques, yeah? French label that’s supported Australian music in the same way that goon supports the drinking habits of students everywhere? They’ve put out records by Day Ravies, PILLS, Cool Sounds, KID XL, Hideous Towns and Parading, just to name a fraction. That’s the kind of resume that get’s employer’s mouths salivating.

Hence, it’s a fucking pleasure to premiere a new track from Beko Disques stable. An amalgamation of Melbourne, Geelong and Japan injections, Mallee Songs has developed from a solo project to a fully-fledged band. And oh, how full of a sound do they possess! Woods, Ducktails, and DIIV all shine through here, gooey guitars splashing onto some goddamn SERENE vocals. Did it hurt, Mallee Songs? When you fell from heaven? ‘Cos you’re an angel. A fucking angel, mate.


Video: PILLS – Birthdays

I’ve never been to Sizzler, but I’ve heard good things. Like, that you can gorge yourself on all the meat that the Southern Hemisphere has to offer for a price that insults the death of the animals you’re stuffing in your mouth. PILLS make that temptation all that much stronger.

Immaculately shot around Tempe’s biggest tourist attractions, the clip for “Birthdays” is like a Puff Daddy video hit by the reccession. What would have been gluttonous displays of wealth have been reduced to gorgeous slow-mo shots of bubbling coke and shovelling down some damn good looking noodles. Top that off with a song that’s just oozing with pain and subtle electronic clicks…basically, you’re looking at the soon-to-be-unveiled latest advertisement for the Inner West Tourism campaign.



Watching the new clip from Sydney’s TEES reminds me a lot of the “Now, we’re in Delaware. Oh, cool we’re in Delaware” part of Wayne’s World. Only, instead of boring ass Delaware, you’ve got the life-affirming sounds of TEES bumping and grinding to flashing images of retro Club Med parties.

Whilst the dream team of Lizzy Tillman and Sean Duarte pump and thrive on acid house that’s being smothered in Madonna’s pop sensibilities, tanned beasts splash the green screen with XTREME JETSKI STUNTS. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

TEES have a fair few shows coming up – this Wednesday with Holiday Sidewinder at Art After Hours at the MCA, a Friday night appearance at this weekend’s Secret Garden Festival, and a Goodgod show on Thursday March 12th, also with Holiday Sidewinder. Like Pokemon, make sure you catch ’em all.

New From France: BCBG + Volage + Excusers

Aaaahhh, France, a country of lurvvvv, where you enter for 5 minutes, and leave a beret-wearing, baguette-toting, “S’il vous plait”-spouting example of indoctrination. Or at least, that’s what American WWII movies have taught me. I honestly know nothing about France, or Paris. But from the few examples of French music that have floated into my inbox as of late, it’s all a little bit of alright.

BCBG – Noces d’Argent 7″

According to old mate Google Translate, “Noces d’Argent” means ‘Silver Wedding’, which is really quite an accurate description of what occurs on this 7″. Only three songs and a remix long, it’s a beautiful, swirling palette of SIMPLY GORGEOUS songs. Put out by the one and only legend Nathan Roche, BCBG pack out their songs with atmosphere, like a Portishead that’s been taken hold of by Bjork. There’s a lot of serene beauty on here, and because of the language barrier (at least for my compatriots that only speak ‘Strayan) it becomes almost guaranteed that you’ll become lost in the music here. If Guillermo Del Toro had the same taste in music as he does with creating extraordinary worlds, as well as some semblance of nuance, BCBG would probably be his favourite band.

Volage – Heart Healing

If you’re a fan of The Growlers, Night Beats, or The Laurels, it’s doubtful that you’ll do anything less than explode with joy at the prospect of Volage. A decent garage-psych band out of everyone’s favourite city with a pointy thing in the middle, Volage love themselves some rollicking piano riffs and chugging guitars. When they adopt the freak-out pose of fellows like King Gizzard, such as “Loner”, that’s when shit gets really fun, and you want to try and bend your limbs into positions our Higher Power did not want you to.

Excusers – No Excusers

Alright, so I’m cheating here, in that Excusers are actually from Italy. However, their label, the always on-top-of-it Beko Disques (who have put out the likes of Day Ravies and Parading) are from France, so it works out. Fuck you, my blog, my rules. Anyway, these guys have created a gorgeous array of soft guitars that you can lie your head into. If this band was a pillow, they’d be of the highest-thread count, and stuffed with Golden Goose feathers. Rare and stunning, with a shining prescence, Excusers take things at a leisurely pace, spreading their sounds around with careful and delicate precision. Best track on here is “Youngest Buddle”, but they’re all bloody tops aren’t they?

New: Day Ravies – Hickford Whizz

Fuck me! Because releasing one awesome single just a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, old mates Day Ravies have come back with another great, albeit very different single. Whereas “This Side of the Fence” was all about being as pop as possible, “Hickford Whizz” incarcerates thrashing garage rock with whirring synth patterns, and then forces them to fight in prison yard, no rules. Shanks, baby, we’re talking shanks. There’s heavy bass lines that rivet the thing in place, no matter how hard those synths sprocket out of place. It’s like a kid with ADD who just loves themselves some gorgeous, fun-soaked melodies.