If you read the title, well that’s more or less everything I have to say about this. Melbourne label I OH YOU, home to Snakadaktal, City Calm Down, DZ Deathrays, Bleeding Knees Club and Violent Soho have just put out a compilation of the best up and coming Australian artists. You can find ¬†tunes from Sydney garage bistro-bros Straight Arrows, and the equally exclusive Palms, as well as some soothers by Ta-ku (feat. Chet Faker) and Worlds End Press. Also, just so everyone knows shit’s serious, the comp. includes soon-to-be-world-dominators POND. So yeah, it’s free. Why aren’t you downloading it?


Video: Baptism of Uzi-Stray Current

New video from Melbourne’s awesomely named Baptism of Uzi, featuring a guy that looks like Maude Lebowski’s best mate Knox Harrington having a bad day. The song is an astro-coast song, or space-surf rock, or astronaught-bong music. It’s a little disenchanting whilst being totally compelling at the same time, and the low-production video fits in nicely. You can grab the song for free from the band’s Triple J Unearthed Page by clicking here.¬†