New: And* – U Know Me

Although it’s a very uhhhhh….uhhhh….blunt name for an artist, the backstory behind And* proves that there’s something very strong there. The solo project of Dave Rennick of Dappled Cities fame, his second outing is pure-pop elagance. It’s the kind of thing that says DANCE SUCKA, icy synths and clicking beats hitting the deck like the track is a goddamn iPhone game. If Dance Dance Revolution was still around, this would be the main song on there. Kevin Bacon puts this song every morning to do a little jog on the spot to, before spreading out his jazz hands and shaking out his Weetbix. Also, Donny Benet features on here with a kick ass Moog solo that’s squelchier than gumboots in mud. For your pop fix this week, look no further than “U Know Me”.