New Midnight Videos: Andras & Oscar + Gold Class + Allegories

Midnight is a special time. It’s when you can begin making out to sultry beats, slinky shades of violet and green light nuzzling your romance. Or, you can be watching these awesome videos, at home, alone, like me. Whatever, these are all sensual as fuck, and gloriously sexy. Watch them all:

Andras & Oscar – Looking Back

“Feel like I’d OD, if I look for too long” is just one of the many sappy lines in this track from Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung’s new collaborative project. However, in the hands, or rather, vocal chords, of OKS, these quotes ripped from a soap opera turn into supremely romantic beings. Andras Fox’s work behind the desk also needs to be commended, combining Italian lounge with synth flourishes. One word description? Fuckingdelightful.

Gold Class – Michael

Welp, someone’s been listening to Joy Division! These Melbourne blokes that make up Gold Class are bummed, and they’re also really good at making music / videos. One of their debut tracks “Michael” is for that midnight moment when you didn’t get what you wanted, and everything is resembling a steaming pile of shit. But there’s more than that – this one moment signifies how fucking shit your life has been up until this point, and tonight is just another in a long list of failures. But instead of penning some terrible poetry that you insist is in the vein of Edgar Allen Poe meeting Hemmingway in a street brawl, you need to chuck on this dark and wistful video, of slow-burning colours being suffocated by thriving guitars. Amazing.

Allegories – Funny Way of Loving You

Finally, there is Allegories, or Al. A Gore-Reese, depending on how obsessed you are with deconstructing words to form names of people that don’t exist (Bart Simpson, this one’s for you). Anyway, there’s not a shit tonne known about these guys, other than that they have an absolute stunner of a track that’s just become available. If you’re a fan of Shining Bird, or #1 Dads, there’s no way you can go past this. Wafting haze of guitars? Woodblock? Haunted, intimate vocals, about lost love? Check? It’s like Alt-j aren’t shit anymore!