New: The Men-Turn Your Color

The Men are one of the most volatile, prolific and unpredictable punk bands of recent history, owning a sound that is teeming with individuality and reeking of sweat, beer and genius. Which is why it comes as no surprise that they have decided to record an album mellower than five day old piss.

‘Turn Your Color’ is a brand new track from their new record (and second release of the year). Man, ‘Turn Your Color’ is just a stunning track, quietly musing in its own wise way, like Willie Nelson humming to himself. Don’t worry, there’s still a dramatic nature to the track, with an overarching chord giving an unsettling piercing to the otherwise completely tranquil track. Another interesting thing the band have done is lose almost any sense of vocals, and the ones that are used are so quick and quiet, you would hardly know they’re there.

This new direction for The Men is more calming than being surrounded by four thousand peaceful elk, and it is safe to say that ‘Campfire Songs’ will be along a similar vein of awesome.


Video: Travis Bretzer-Hurts So Bad

The twisted acoustic pop of Travis Bretzer has never sounded better! The song, ‘Hurts So Bad’ is excellent as it is, but the video is the thing that takes both my breathe away and makes me shit myself with laughter. Only on the ‘Hurts So Bad’ clip will you see indie kids wearing adult diapers threaten each other on retro film. There’s also the abundant motifs of milk, fixies and playgrounds. Yeah, that sounds pretty fucking weird, but it’s done so excellently with an off guard sense of cheeky 80’s B-Grade innocence, that it’s impossible not to fall in love with both this song and this clip.

New: Little May-Hide

Normally, I’m not one for the acoustic-pop thing, as evidenced by my continued hate for Mumford and Sons. Thankfully, someone above heard my prayers, and the band are on hiatus, which will most definitely put a dent in the whole vest-wearing, accordion-swinging niche. However, this track from Sydney based darlings Little May brings rainbows of joy to my ears. What starts as an intricate piece slowly unwinds into a tumbling tapestry of wonderful. Absolutely gorgeous vocals and rollicking acoustic sounds explode from this song and ‘Hide’ will be sure to populate the remainder of your playlists for the rest of the year. A song to fit all occasions, ‘Hide’ is astoundingly wondrous.

New: Kismet-New Singles (EP)

It took me a couple listens but I’ve decided that I really, really enjoy this band Kismet. They’re from Boston, home of the Bruins (YAY! SSSSPORTZ!) and they don’t give a fuck about the traditional band setup. They feature the male-female vocal shotgun shells and they have a cello and upright bass, because they’re influences aren’t confined to Bob Dylan and Mumford, like your traditional acoustic band. Nah, these guys and dolls (fantastic musical) are musicians,¬†real¬†musicians, and they prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt on this triple-threat EP. Quaint, haunting and simply smothered in smooth talent, Kismet are on a steady rise. You can grab these new singles for free, as well as their other shit at the link above.

Video: Bitch Prefect-Drifting

Have you ever wondered what 2001: A Space Odyssey would be like if it wasn’t, you know, long and shit? Well, Adelaide/Melbourne bucket of awesome Bitch Prefect try their best to answer that for you in their new clip for their brand new song, ‘Drifting’. Meandering and handsome, the track is just another of the myriad of reasons to love Bitch Prefect. They are one of the best new-ish Australian bands going around at the moment, at the same calibre of Twerps, Dick Diver and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. Although ‘Drifting’ is slightly slower (only by a bit) than the usual Bitch Prefect song, and doesn’t exaggerate the slacker aspects like ‘Walk Through the Door’ or ‘Holiday in America’, it still is an absolute gem of a song. I have literally soaked my pants in my sudden anticipation of their second record, ‘Bird Nerds’, out on the 4th of November, on Bedroom Suck. FUCK YEAH!

New and Free: Against Me! True Trans EP

Fuck, besides being one of the most talented and prolific punks in recent history, Laura Jean Grace, formerly known as Tom Gabel is a brave motherfucker. That’s pretty much the jist of this brand new two song EP that Against Me! have just put out. Instead of the usual heart-breaking, splintering punk, the ‘True Trans EP’ shows off the acoustic and poetic side of Against Me!. Regardless if you see it as too wide a separation from Against Me!’s thrashing days, or you fall in love with the low-key direction the band take on this EP, it’s objectively awesome how great and proud Laura Jean Grace is sounding on record. And she still kicks ass live, as I can attest to from seeing the band at Big Day Out earlier this year. Against Me!’s upcoming album ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ (no points for guessing the main themes of that one) is coming out later this year on the band’s label Total Treble Music.

Video: Vance Joy-Riptide

For a while, I was really uncertain about checking out Vance Joy. I mean, on the plus side he was being really hyped up, and had scored a five album deal with Atlantic Records. But on the other hand….indie-folk. The very thought makes me shudder. However, if you listen to ‘Riptide’ even once and aren’t humming it along within the next few days, then there is no hope for you.

Right now, there is no guilt, Vance Joy drops lyrical bombs like it ain’t no thang (surely the first time someone has used that phrase when describing Vance Joy). Vance Joy manages to jam in Michelle Pfeiffer, magician assistants, and lost cowboys all into an addictive little acoustic jam. Yep, the hipster kids have scored their first win in my book since Of Monsters and Men’s ‘Little Talks’.

The video is gloriously original as well. That’s the only way I can describe it without getting carried away and going into incredibly detail, and then spoiling it, but it is definitely worth the 3 and half minute duration. I’m just pissed I didn’t check out Vance Joy before.