New: D.D Dumbo – Satan


As Bart Simpson once said, “All the best bands are affiliated with Satan”. Black Sabbath, Slayer, that one Kylie Minogue song. And if there was one thing that was going to get D.D Dumbo out of his two-year absence, it was always going to be a writing session with the Dark Lord.

I can see them now – a skinny guy from the Victoria hunkered down next Big Red himself, growling about the direction of “Satan”. “Look, Oliver, I really think we should introduce some woodwind after that second chorus,” grumbles Lucifer, “Just to mix it up, y’know?”

“Yes, totally, big guy! You are 100% on the right track! People give you a bad rap, but you are EARNING this writing credit, y’hear me?”

“Oh yeah, man, look, it’s actually an honour to be working with you. “Tropical Oceans” was, like, probably my most played song on Spotify last year. Really psyched about the 4AD signing, bro, super pumped. And, like, this David Byrne direction you’re going in is super cool, really enjoying the change of dire-….fuck, excuse me Oliver, can we take five? Hitler is being a total dick again. Really sorry about this man.”


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