New: TEES – Spending Your Heart


I love t-shirts – they’re an easy way to decide if you like the person underneath. For example – if I see someone wearing a Royal Headache t-shirt, we’ll probably get along alright. If they’re wearing a tropical polo shirt, only the flowers have been replaced by swastikas, we’re probably not going to be going for a beer any time soon.

Anyway, point here is that everyone loves t-shirts, and by that logic, they’ll love TEES, two rad folks making some luscious electronica outta Sydney. After a sprinkling of releases the last two years, they’ve been picked up by Farmer & the Owl, who also handle Hockey Dad and The Pinheads. However, if you’re going in expecting some indie rock or slap dash garage, prepare to be bewildered by the magic of *the synth* and *the drum machine*.

“Spending Your Heart” lushly extends upon TEES previous offerings, pools of ice-cold house scooped from a melting glacier in Alaska. However, there’s a little more ecstasy in this new jam, which makes it feel like it could’ve been ripped off a workout video full of jazzercise and brightly coloured spandex. When the night is winding down, and you’ve already played “Hotline Bling”, but you need to keep the crowd there, chuck on “Spending Your Heart”, and watch the dance floor re-invigoration begin.


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