New: Roland Tings – Hedonist (Alba Remix)


Alba don’t pulsate, they throb. Boom, boom, boom, thunking away at your temple, gnawing at the base of your spine. Their originals are spot on masterclasses in morbid beats, but their remix work is fantastic as well, often warping the original into a form of deadly, malleable steel, kinda like the equivalent of the guy from Terminator 2. Check out their take on Oscar Key Sung’s “All I Could Do” and Elizabeth Rose’s “The Good Life” for evidence.

Here, they latch onto Roland Tings’ latest track, “Hedonist”, taking the song’s original pleasure = everything atmosphere, and dragging it into some deeper depths. It feels like a crocodile (saltwater, obviously) slithering just below the surface of the water, lumbering towards prey, clasping some jaws around the tropical beast’s neck and submerging it beneath the surface. It’s a jerky, thudding, steamy spread of electronica and you’d better do what’s right and click that little download button.

PS: Roland Tings is playing this Saturday at Howler in Melbourne – get along to it if you feel like casually witnessing one of Australia’s premiere electronic musicians at work.


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