New: Braves – Get It Right/Dropout


I know I just spent a little while there ragging on about how bands in Perth have a propensity to rely a little too much on grunge, but all that grouchiness disappears when I listen to Braves. Not that they’re grunge per say – although they utilise the verse-chorus-verse formula, their sound more closely mirrors the garage punk of Wavves and FIDLAR, minus the cringe.

Braves are one of the first straight up rock bands I’ve heard in a long time that make me want to jump around and have a good time. There’s an authenticity and eagerness to the music that Braves play, particularly their two newest tracks, that makes me want to catch the next Tigerair over to Perth and give ’em a high-five and shout ’em a Resch’s. Poor bastards don’t have God’s drink over there, it’d be the least I could do. But right now, I’m too busy shredding on an air guitar and grinning from ear to ear, so a sojourn to Tame Impala Inc. will have to wait.


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