New: Lower Spectrum – Proxima


You ever wanted to know what would be playing on the stereo of an ultra cool political assassin who looked like George Clooney? This. This fucking song would be on the stereo, blaring out of the alien version of a Ferrari. “Why am I doing this? What purpose does this serve? Am I evil, or just a product of a society that looks suspiciously like Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner?”. All these questions and more stir around our protaginist’s mind as the deep groove of Lower Spectrum “Proxima” beckons from the speakers.

The inner turmoil rages, and the only hope to drown the questions out lies within “Proxima”  Shades donned, silver fox hairdo slicked back, blaster pistol tucked into a pair of expensive jeans, and a piercing gaze that would have us all bowing in submission, the saving grace of our anti-hero lies within the lush stare of Lower Spectrum.


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