Video: IV League – Lit Screen


I love this band. I love this goddamn band more than I love pork rolls. Well, maybe not that much, but I love this band a lot. It’s been a while since I heard an indie rock band worth getting really excited about, and a band who’s name is a portmanteau between hospital apparatus and schools where douchebags are bred.

IV League are basically an amalgamation of all my favourite bands from 2015. Babaganouj, Tired Lion and Bully collide for a powerful stirring of 90’s nostalgia, doled out with an ear biting earnestness. But it’s the voice that takes IV League from that mere tickle of “Hey, this reminds me of…” to, “Fuck me, what can I do to hear more of this? Where must I travel to? What quest must I embark on?”

Seriously, this is a band that you not only need to keep an eye on, but concentrate all of your physical, emotional and financial being on them. IV League are top bloody notch, I tells ya.

Also, do yourself a favour, and check out their previous jam “Varsity”. It’s no David Guetta x Sia collaboration, but it’ll get you going.


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