New Electronic Music Pt. 2: chunyin + Lovely Head x Pendant + OCDANTAR


Remember when Pt. 1 came out? Life was so much simpler, so much more pleasant. Oh well, here’s Pt. 2, let the electronic apocalypse begin:

chunyin – Softcall 101

Chunyin is the side-project of Rainbow Chan, deviating from the intimate, hazy pop of her main gig into a more direct, experimental dance territory. She’s released a few tracks here and there before, including a recent collaboration with Thomas William, but “Softcall 101” is her first ‘proper’ single.

Stylistically, its very similar to the fantastic mini-LP released by Melbourne producer Null. chunyin strings along zaps of alien sounds that sound like they’re being beamed from the edges of the universe, and then thumps them over the head with thick, crunchy percussion.

Catch chunyin doing her thing this Thursday at Freda’s, supporting the legendary CORIN on her album launch. They’ll be joining by Electric Sea Spider from Melbourne, and Kimchi Princi and Ju Ca.

Lovely Head x Pendant – Take

Some more gorgeously experimental stuff from Sydney, this time courtesy of a team up between Lovely Head and Pendant. As icy as the palace of Mr. Freeze, “Take” wafts on a chilly breeze of sparse production and rich vocals. The voice here is seductive, keeping a nice contrast to the production until the conclusion, where the parallel lines meet and simmer nicely.

OCDANTAR – Sky Sea Client View feat. LIAHONA

Two things to get you interested in this – it’s the solo project of Josh Delaney of Rat & Co/SMILE, and he’ll be playing with Shigeto in a few weeks. If you haven’t clicked play yet, you’re obviously not a huge fan of music.

If you do need a little more convincing, then how’s this: Delaney’s debut track offers up Unknown Mortal Orchestra falsetto prodded by scant buzzes of electronica. It’s quiet and intimate, a really beautiful debut track that doesn’t fit easily into any genre trap. Given Delaney’s previous involvement in a few of the best musical experiments in Melbs, there’s a fair chance you’ll want to get on board OCDANTAR nice and early.


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