New: Spookyland – Bulimic


Spookyland have always had a penchant for the epic – their EP from last year specialised in powerful, swelling anthems that made you stop in your tracks, take your hand off the X-Box controller, and really pay attention to the song blaring from your stereo. Spookyland have an inherent ability to gift people with raw and tantalising tales of heartbreak, and its a talent they’ve been exploiting tremendously.

But this, this is something else. “Bulimic” comes as an incredibly visual take on the heartbreak narrative, a cliche that Spookyland wrangle into their own beautiful story. Think of “Bulimic” as The Notebook of indie rock – emotional terrorism, a no expense-spared bashing of the soul. You think to yourself, surely, it can’t get any more brutal, but then Marcus Gordon applies even more pressure to the wound, and you’re in tears all over again. This thing goes for six-minutes, so there’s plenty of time for even the most sturdy individual to break down. You could be a toughened criminal, dotted with teardrop tattoos, a growl welded onto your face, a figure who doesn’t even know what the word sadness means….and by the end, you’d still be sopping wreck, complaining about all the dust that has suddenly appeared in the room.

Specifically, it’s that punishing finale that I believe to be the secret to “Bulimic” and its ability to pick our scabs of sadness. After three and a half minutes of Gordon rousting up the listener’s own demons and regrets, Spookyland fall head first into an astonishing climax. They go all out, ALL THE FUCK OUT, drawing up the Catalina Wine Mixer of conclusions. This thing is fucking enormous, a gargantuan battle between instruments, gouging each other’s eyes out, trying to get on top in the most glorious way possible. It’s huge and evocative and indescribable…every time I get to the end, my hands are shaking, my knees are weak, there’s vomit on my sweater already. Seriously, this track is so huge and devastating, it should have been made into a trilogy with Peter Jackson signing on for all three instalments.

“Bulimic” comes as the introduction to the forthcoming debut from Spookyland, and its got me chomping at the fucking bit. As far as the first course goes, this is the finest caviar served in a jewel-encrusted goblet that Jesus used to sip from. It does not get better than this.

Also, Spookyland will be playing the Newtown Festival on November 8th. It’s an arvo gig taking place in Camperdown Park, with mates like The Laurels, Gordi, FLOWERTRUCK and a bunch of others joining in. Catch ya there.


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