New: ORB – Migration


ORB served up a sonic enema earlier this year in the form of their debut EP, which you can/must check out here. Pungent Black Sabbath riffs plunging through some very stormy territory. Most excellent.

Since the release of that tape, they’ve pledged their allegiance to Flightless Records, and will be joining King Gizzard and The Merlons on a bunch of tour dates around the country pretty soon. To get the tongues wagging a little harder, ORB have released a new single in ‘Migration’, a thick, evil splattering of B-Movie riff-rock.

If there was any doubt in your mind about the promise of big riffs present in this article, all you need to do is press play. Go on, do it. Have you done it? If you have, your whole being will be quivering, swarmed by the dominating chug that ORB so easily cook up. Your mind and body will progress through this song much in the same way as that can of beer that Bart shakes up to prank Homer; what starts as a mere tremble develops into a giant fucking explosion.


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