PREMIERE: Little Desert – Resurrection


Cinematic is just a word until its applied to the music of Little Desert; their songs are high-stake battles waging between the voice of Esther Rivers and the dramatic clashes of horror-film synth, sneering guitars and other various looming aggravations. Every note that Little Desert howl is confidently pushed to its extreme. Take their new song “Resurrection” – just sitting through its near seven minutes is a heart-stopping experience.

The second track off their forthcoming debut album ‘Saeva’, out November 15th on it Records (Liam Kenny, Miles Brown),  “Resurrection” an exhilarating, feature-length test of the senses, prodding the shit out of every fibre in one’s being for the entire duration. At first, Little Desert tease, but soon, they’re soaring skyward on Roland S Howard-inspired towers of paranoid musicianship, fiercely led by Rivers’ defiant vocal exorcism. Little Desert aren’t just a picturesque throw-back to the best era of gothic post-punk (1980: ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Closer’, ‘In the Flat Field’, say no more); they don’t just tap into what made this genre great, they drive new life into it.

Little Desert’s ‘Saeva’ will be out November 15th on it Records. In Melbourne, they’ll be launching the album at The Tote on the 21st, w/ Teuton + Mollusc + Half Mongrel. In Brisbane, they’ll be at Crowbar on the 28th, joined by the insane lineup of OCCULTS, Last Chaos, Pleasure Symbols and Death Church. Sydney launch is going to be at Blackwire on the 26th.


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