Album Review: Pronto – Pronto/Pronto


Pronto make me feel good about myself. They make me feel like I’m hanging out with my girlfriend on a Sunday arvo at Bondi, the beach is crystal clear, seagulls are squawking and I’m content with the secret knowledge that I’ve poisoned the local kale supply and everyone who sucks in Bondi will die soon.

They released an album last year called ‘When You’re Gone’, and it was all sorts of great. Rock ‘n’ roll in the style of The Troggs committed to an insane asylum and screaming bloody murder. Now, the Melbournites have somehow upped the stakes; before the freaks across the road, laughing and smashing bottles. Now, they are the terrorists of good taste and decency, shoving punk rock down the throats of the innocent, slitting civilians from ear-to-ear with three-chord blades.

It can not be overstated how refreshing this album is. After recently wading through a few too many shows of braindead blokes hidden behind a beanie and a laptop, playing the same flaccid synth key over and over again, its nice to hear someone bark in my ear with the sort of seething fury that brought us Bits of Shit, Helta Skelta and Gutter Gods. When Pronto kick into their first track “Implausible”, you can taste the flecks of spit hit your face, feel the carpet of the pub ripping and tearing under your stampeding feet, embrace the inherent danger that comes from being within such close proximity to a band like this.

The power-pop elements of ‘When You’re Gone’ have been all but abandoned (with the exception of the riff of “On the Slots”). It can not be overstated enough that the bludgeoning does not let up. Not for a fucking second. Word of warning: if you turn your back on this album, you will be shanked by the sharp end of a thrashing riff, and the band will dance over your corpse, letting you bleed out to the tune of an incomprehensible solo. You get halfway through, think you can stop for a snack and a piss, and next thing you know “Fad Cult” is caving your skull in.

The vitriol is high. The power is raw. The gritted-teeth approach is overpowering. The stench, the muck, the dirt that cakes this…this THING…makes me want to throw up and dance in a puddle of my own puke. This is disgustingly good punk rock, and you’d be an idiot not to bury yourself in it.

‘Pronto/Pronto’ is out now on Slovenly Records, and you can grab it from their Bandcamp here.

In very exciting news, we can all bask in the glory of Pronto when they make their way up to Sydney. They’ll be playing November 20th (Venue TBA) w/ Ghastly Spats and Tim & the Boys.


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