New: Roland Tings – Hedonist


Roland Tings’ debut album was released earlier this year, and with the exception of Null’s EP, it’s the only electronic album from 2015 that has truly blown me away. What particularly made the record stand out were the lengthy, inspired rollercoasters that Tings curates – grabbing a whole mixture of elements, manoeuvring between them all, and then colliding them for truly beautiful finales.

With the end of the year drawing close, the man has found time to squeeze out a new track in “Hedonist”. Fuck me, how apt is that title? Roland Tings knows exactly how to clutch the pleasure gland, moving at a cascading free fall of unique splashes, jolts and whispers, but tightening and muscling it up when he has to as well.  It collects all the enjoyable aspects of his work, mashing them into a hazy eight minute throng.

For those who have yet to enjoy Roland Tings, it can’t go recommended enough – he’ll be playing Sugar Mountain Festival in Melbourne next year, which also features sets from Hot Chip, Royal Headache, Total Giovanni and Courtney Barnett.


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