New: Richard In Your Mind – Ecstatic Electricity


Having lost their drummer to the Big Bad Apple, Richard in Your Mind have chosen to unleash all their pent up longing for Pat into one of the most explosive songs of their career. Whereas their most recent album, ‘Ponderosa’, was essentially the band patiently explaining their deep love for The Beatles through lush, weird soundscapes, “Ecstatic Electricity” goes for the jugular, and doesn’t stop until every drop of blood has been loosed.

Mighty, churning and gargantuan, Richard in Your Mind have taken a turn down the path that’s plagued with all of the guitars. The bass line is guttural, bellowing like the cries of an anguished Broncos supporter, and fuzz pedals are deployed to a cacophonous degree. Sonic orgies dart and fret in the form of Conrad Richters adopting a wicked scientist’s stance behind the keyboard – Dr. Jekyll is gone, Mr. Hyde is deploying his destructive power with cackling menace.

Listening to “Ecstatic Electricty”, there’s a genuine feeling that when they play this song live, frontman Richard Cartwright will raise his guitar above his gleeful mug, and smash it into the floorboards of the venue a la The Clash. I never thought I’d hypothesis that statement about Richard in Your Mind, but in just doing so, it has made me very, very happy.

Urge on Richard in Your Mind’s instrument demolition when they play at the Glebe Street Fare on Sunday 15th November, or their headline show at Newtown Social Club on the 18th of December.


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