New From Brisbane: FOREVR + Sewers


Double trouble from the Premiership winning State:

FOREVR – Contest

FOREVR came out with an incredible EP earlier this year, and have wasted no time in following up with a brand new song. Boasting some great artwork that looks like it could be used on an upcoming Time Crisis arcade machine, FOREVR work on expansion here. They begin intimately, slowly introducing plucked instrumentation and delicate vocals, before exploding into crunchy reverb hurricanes and the warm chants of Sam George-Allen, who pulls off an absolutely stunning vocal turn. Their previous EP was great, sure, but this song…fuark, this song makes me feel like FOREVR could be moving on from obscurity real quick.

Sewers – Still Stinging

Completely forgot to review the Sewers record that came out a while ago. I might still get around to it, but there’s a lot happening for me at the moment. I work, like, two days a week, so there ain’t a lot of time to sit down on the old keyboard anymore. However, it is worth pointing out that Sewers’ album ‘Weight’ is a real great album. If you’d like a single reason as to why, then just click play on the “Still Stinging” video. You’ve been on Youtube before, you know how it works. Click play, get overwhelmed by a bunch of dodgy effects and handsome, young men ripping off Venom P. Stinger, and then go and buy the Sewers album in a fit of sheer admiration and slobbering anticipation.


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