New: Mope City – Untapped Utility


How good is free shit, hey? Whether it comes in the form of that extra packet of tomato sauce that the bloke at the tuckshop forgot to charge you for, or the crazy world of entertainment available at our fingertips thanks to torrenting websites on the WWW.INTERNET.COM, free shit is everywhere.

The latest carriage on the free shit train comes from Mope City, and their new single “Untapped Utility”. From their upcoming debut album ‘Petri-Dish’, due out later this year on Tenth Court Records (TENTH COURT RECORDS, YES!), the first morsel is rammed with buzzing guitars clanging against cheap amps, tipping between jangly verses and thriving post-punk choruses that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Circle Pit record.

Mope City launch “Untapped Utility” this Saturday at the Vic in Marrickville this Saturday. It’s free and The Warm Feelings play as well. If ya can’t make that one, then they’ll be playing a free Monday night show at Newtown Social Club, with Brissy’s Tape/Off and Beast & Flood on the 12th of October.


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