New: Tiny Little Houses – Soon We Won’t Exist


G’day Merge Records. How you going? Been a while, hasn’t it? Laura, what’s up with you? Mac! Good to hear from ya, mate! Haha, yeah, last time I saw you, I’m pretty sure we were face down in the a pool of cranberry coloured vomit in New Orleans! And that fucking guy thought you were Michael Cera’s dad and wanted you to get an autograph for him? Classic!

Anyway guys, there’s this band from Melbourne…yeah, look, don’t hold it against them, we can’t all be from Sydney hahahaha. Anyway, they’re called Tiny Little Houses. You guys remember that golden era in the 90’s, when you were releasing all those alt-country tinged rock bands – Magnetic Fields, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lambchop? You remember those days? I sure do! Man, what a hoot! Albums packed with incredible song after incredible song, live shows that would take your breath away? Remember that time the editor from Pitchfork pulled out a knife and swore that he would cut off his arms if you gave him the premiere of that Neutral Milk track? Guys, this band will have the same Pitchfork editor selling his goddamn soul to get a piece of Tiny Little Houses.

Seriously…Mac…Laura…you guys…listen to this song. It’s the closest approximation to those salad days that I’ve heard in all my years. “Soon We Won’t Exist” it’s called (I think, don’t quote me on that). It’s so fucking beautiful! Soulful, meandering beauty planted on a cliff face for the whole goddamn world to see. You hearing me? It’s good…real good. Shit, I’m half-tempted to fly you guys out here just to check ’em out, but I’ve calculated that it would take me 35 and a half years of working this shitty cafe gig before I could buy you both a QANTAS flight. So maybe take a listen, and buy your own bloody ticket? Haha, take care legends!

Rye Rye


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