Video(s): Death Bells + Crepes + Broadway Sounds


Audio visual pleasure, courtesy of:

Death Bells – Come On Feel the Come Down

Yeah, I hope I’ve made it pretty bloody clear that you need to go and check out Death Bells. Do you wanna be that dickhead that has to ask who the band is that everyone’s screaming over at the show. “Hey, who’s this again?”, you’ll question innocently, only to be shot with a million glares of hipster apprehension. “YOU DON’T KNOW! UGGGH, IT”S FREAKIN’ DEATH BELLS! JESUS CHRIST, I THOUGHT YOU WERE COOL, (your name here)”. Avoid this social faux pas, and check out their new clip for their sophomore release “Come On Feel the Come Down”, and rejoice in their icy, driven post-punk.

Crepes – Size Of Your Town

My personal favourite karaoke jam is “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult. I fucking kill it when that shit comes on. When my turn for the mic comes on, I’ll disappear, only to return with five bandanas and a bad attitude. Lock up your daughters, because for that sweet, sweet four and a half minutes, I am a sexual bandit, irresistible to a fault. Obviously, when that time runs out, I return to being the dorkiest fuckwit this side of Eddie Vedder, but ya know, I get my (nearly) five minutes.

Relive those moments of rockstar fandom with the new clip from Melbourne’s Crepes. Sure, “Size of Your Town” is the opposite of “She Sells Sanctuary”, being self-aware, and actually decent – but as you ease through this, use  the video to help cast your mind to simpler times, when your standing in front of a nondescript karaoke screen, beer in hand and overwhelming shame splattered over your wailing head.

Catch Crepes tomorrow, when they play the FREE King St Crawl, at the Vision Stage @ Waywards.

Broadway Sounds – Shonky Man

Broadway Sounds are easily one of the best electronic acts in Aus right now, right up there with NO ZU, Roland Tings and friendships. Part of that is derived from their spectacular fusion of swinging beats, pattering African rhythms, and building upon the blocks of ESG and Liquid Liquid. Spectacularly strange for all the right reasons, Broadway Sounds’ music is full of intense and vivid imagination that is currently matched in Aus electronic music.

The other part of their greatness is their visual aesthetic. “Shonky Man” is fantastic by itself, but turns into a whole other galaxy of bizarre when thrown next to their graphic element. Broadway Sounds have always been awesome with videos (it’s imperative that you check out “Something Sensual” and “Sing It Again”) and “Shonky Man” goes to lengths to show why. Eccentric doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going on here. Just press play and wait for the finest video of your life to unroll before your disbelieving eyes.


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