Video: Low Lux – Ruin


I am completely in love with Low Lux. Just bloody smitten. They’re just so goddamn beautiful –  more gorgeous than watching a swan dance ballet on a frozen lake of freshly laid roses. If you can’t fall in love with Low Lux, then your soul is colder than some sort of D-Trump/Tony Abbott hell beast.

Low Lux have just dropped the new clip for their second single “Ruin”. This thing is majestic, swelling from pattering synths into a flowing gown of instrumentation fit for a royal wedding – you just know that if Low Lux had been around a few years back they would have been the band for Kate & William’s special day. Daisy Dowd’s vocals are on point, fluttering at an icic but approachable level, submerging the listener in a bed of lush pop that should be turning heads around the world any time now.


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